Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Email reply to John Arizeikior, John Aluwazekor and Jumoke Uhiziekor

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My Email reply to John Arizeikior, John Aluwazekor and Jumoke Uhiziekor

When I opened my email box today I had an email from 
John Arizeikior – his email address is hk via 

On June 23 he was John Aluwazekor jaluwazekor@yahoo. com via

On November 18, 2011 he was Jumoke Uhiziekor 
jumokeuhiziekor@yahoo. via 

Each Email had the same mailing address – duh!

In His Service,
Jumoke Uhiziekor
357 Siluko Road-Glpo 5870,
Oredo Local Government,
Edo State, Nigeria

I have included his email at the end of the post – so if you have received an appeal like this we can compare notes…

At the end of my reply I also sent John... Genesis Chapters 1 through 10 – just in case he wants to read it.

My Reply on June 23 and today – August 9 is as follows…
Dear John... 

In our country we do have access to the Internet like you and the use of an amazing site entitled  http://www. - which you also can access and with the use of the Computer - by hitting "Ctrl" and the "+" keys it also enlarges the screen to a very great size.

The Biblegateway is better than Dakes in that it gives a number of different helps that are greater than Dakes.

The cost of a Printed Bible is very expensive and the shipping of the same is even greater - making no sense any longer to do so.

Finally... on my trip to Africa (East) I witnessed the same phenomena that has been widely reported about Nigeria - you have way more Cell Phone use that we have in Canada - and it is MUCH Cheaper.  And the part that is almost funny is most of the Pastors and congregation all owned TWO CELL PHONES EACH.

Almost all the Cell Phones used are able to access the Internet now - where you can access the Bible.

The fact that you have emailed me using a Bcc - tells me that this is not personal at all but rather a very great chance that you are "phishing" for a "sucker".

And the fact that you have used "" to send the email - tells me that you are connected with a school that none of us could afford 
which means you have more money than me.

I have included a Cc to the President of Binghamton University to let him know that the system is being used to send your emails out.

The answer is NO I cannot Help you.

Rev. M. Lincoln
BTW I just had a Great Idea... why not help you with a Bible NOW... Here is Genesis Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 for you to read... in Large Print...

Genesis 1 to Genesis 10

~ Murray Lincoln ~

The email from John Arizeikior, John Aluwazekor and Jumoke Uhiziekor 

Greetings in Jesus name,

 May this letter find you blessed in Christ. I am writing from West
Africa and it is a blessing getting to you in the other part of the
world. It is my prayer that you become a friend of me and the local
church here.  I got your email when I searching online and got into
the web site and I know that it is God’s arrangement. I need not
silver or gold but the word of God only!

By His grace I am a Believer bought and washed by the Blood of Jesus
Christ. I am married with three children. I am a pastor of a small
local church non denominational or affiliated to anybody. The church
was founded in 2006 and now has about 30 members. I gave my life to
Christ in 1987 when I was still in the high school at Zaria. A campus
fellowship student by name Johnson was my roommate at school and his
life of faithfulness unto Christ and his prayer and teaching me the
Bible led me to Christ. This Brother told me then that he sensed that
God was going to use me for His cause. I was never ready to hear that
because my dream or thought was never in the ministry but to finish my
studies and get a nice job. Five years after school and already
working I started having the stronger urge and sensing that God was
calling me but I kept on putting it off my heart because my job and
life was sweet to me and I felt I needed nothing else. One day a guest
speaker was ministering in our church and he singled me out in a crowd
of over a hundred people and told me that God has called me to the
ministry and cannot hide. After he left I told my pastor that I have
accepted and my pastor and other elders of the church prayed with me.
I immediately joined and headed the evangelical outreach of the church
and I saw many coming to Christ in the outreach. I let go of my job in
2005 and returned to Edo my State. I joined a small local church and
was assisting the pastor as the second pastor. In January 13th 2007 a
pastor of a little church of about five families in my area walked up
to me telling me that he is leaving the state to his home state where
the Lord has asked him to go and start the work. He said he has been
praying for over a month that the Lord has asked him to tell me to
take over the little church he founded 2006. I have not had
relationship with this pastor before now so it amazed me. He asked me
to pray to ask the Lord. I did prayed and without wasting time I knew
the Lord ask me to hold that little church and that was how I became
the pastor of this church called Victory Chapel. The church is a
growing church and we meet at a temporary rented building. We are not
earthly rich but rich in Christ, riches that will last for eternity.

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman
that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.
The reason why I am writing is to appeal for your assistance in the
area of a Study Bible which will be of help to me in my research and
study of the bible as well as lesson preparation as a pastor. My
request is for your help for 4 copies of Large print Dake Annotated
Reference bibles. The only bible I have is a large print which is
already torn and some pages missing. I bought it the year I gave my
life to Christ. The Dake Bible has a lot of study helps and commentary
on bible verses and good for those seeking much understanding of God’s
word. I need the large print due to my reading difficulty. It cost
much here and we cannot afford it. I need 1 and 3 for my church elders
helping to coordinate the church. They have no bibles. I came to know
about the Dake Annotated Bible when an elder in my church received it
from his relative studying in South African. The young man bought it
from Christian Books Distributors and they shipped to South Africa and
he then sent it to Nigeria. The link for where to find the bible as I
have searched is


61202/1298564049?event=AAI. This is the
exact large print Dake sent to him and it has a larger print making it
easier to read and a leather cover making it durable for a life time
gift and use. The bible is in King James Version English.

My home and postal address is N0. 72 Ekiowa-Gplo 5870, Oredo Local
Area, Edo State, Nigeria. Please write when you get my mail. I do not
have full access to internet but I can check at least three times
weekly. Ecclesiastes 11:1 "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou
shalt find it after many days"

In His Service,
John Arizeikior:
Address, 72 Ekiowa-Gplo 5870,
Oredo Local Area,
Edo State, Nigeria


Brandon said...

I also received this email today from via, and he had BCC'd me. I am just not going to respond, as you already responded to him for me. Thank you.

David said...

I just got this as well! I was just about to do almost exactly the same as you, except from a new temporary gmail account. I recommend that you do that if you ever respond to such emails next time and ask whom it is that he sent to, because the sender would surely know if he sent to one person. And I was going to tell him not to rely on commentaries of man, but on the spirit of God. Peace be with you.

Open Circle Peru said...

Thanks for posting this response as it relieves me also of the responsibility of formulating my own. I liked your suggestion of Biblegateway and cringed that someone finds the need to ask for a King James Bible when there are many more readable versions. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom...we are missionaries in Peru...blessings! Audra McEuen

Open Circle Peru said...

Thank you for your thoughtful responses to him. I will also let your answer stand. I think the suggestion of Biblegateway was great and love that he can find more than King James there. Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom!

Audra McEuen
Misssionary to Peru
The Mission Society

Paapeseed said...

I also received an identical email from this person. I did a little digging and forwarded the email to Mr. Harvey Stenger, the president of Binghamton University. He sent me an email response asking the connection to Binghamton Univ. since it didn't show up on the forwarded message, so I sent him the original From: line as well as linking to this blog. I hope that something gets resolved. Thanks for posting this though. Best regards.