Saturday, August 11, 2012

“Let’s go… come on lady we are going now!”

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“Let’s go… come on lady we are going now!”
Each year my wife will say… as she looks back on what has happened… “I wish we could have gone to this or that… maybe next year…”

Today we are going to do something that we have said this about a hundred times.  In a few moments I am getting her to get moving with a simple, “Let’s go… come on lady we are going now!”

It is a Saturday and we have everything done for this past week.  All the odd jobs are caught up and we have no reason to not do it.

It will cost a little – YES!  But I have some money in my pocket and am ready to go. I also have an ATM magic card with money in the account… so we are going to do it!  And that is now!

We could always put it off… wait until the day is better and we could maybe afford it … but no we are doing it today.

Why the resolve and the “get-to-it-and-get-er-done”?

Three of my friends in the last month found out suddenly that they have either cancer or are very sick with life threatening issues in their body.

I cannot see the reason for waiting and while in the hospital bed… looking up through my groggy state of mind… and saying… “I am sorry Alida… I am so sorry… we didn’t get to do that together…”

My turn will come when I will be unable to do these things… but it isn’t now. Later is too late.  Now is very important.

My Mom can’t do these things now… at 91 the world is quickly becoming in accessible to her… and a pain for us to take her to these things.

I have 23 years left before I am 91 years old – and I can still do it… so I “JUST DO IT”!

Where are we going today?

It is called the “Taste of Danforth” – on Danforth Ave in Toronto… between Broadview and Jones – I think. The local food businesses all open their doors and set up booths on the street for people to try their country’s food.

I gotta run now… the event is waiting for us to arrive.

I will tell you more latter.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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