Friday, August 17, 2012

Imagine – Two Comments from Two People changed the face of our $100 Bill!!

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Imagine – Two Comments from Two People changed the face of our $100 Bill!!
Bingo!  I have it!  A story that is worth commenting on and raising more questions with you and me.

However it is not likely that the average group that reads this Blog will ever be able to check this one out.

If my readers live overseas they will likely never see what I am referring to here.

If my readers live in Canada and are friends of mine – they likely do not carry these items as well.

The item is the new Canadian $100 bill.  Not long ago I had some in my hand to flash around at a meeting I was speaking at… but they went back to the Bank within hours after being drawn out.

The fact that most of our businesses don’t like to accept large denominations at the point of sale kind of insures that few people have these items.

So why write about the new Canadian $100 bill?

In a story posted today on the CTV Web Site entitled, Image of Asian-looking woman banned from new $100 bills , it was revealed through a search by the freedom of information.


The original design had shown an Asian lady looking into a microscope.


This image was shown to three different focus groups when it was being reviewed. The three groups were in Toronto, Montreal and Fredericton. The following is the reaction that CTV’s article reports… quote…

“The Toronto groups were positive about the image of an Asian woman because "it is seen to represent diversity or multiculturalism." “
“In Quebec, however, "the inclusion of an Asian without representing any other ethnicities was seen to be contentious." “
“One person in Fredericton commented: "The person on it appears to be of Asian descent which doesn't rep(resent) Canada. It is fairly ugly." “

Now isn’t that a bummer!!!?

Three small groups of Canadians looked at the art work presented and two comments made from two different groups – caused “The Strategic Counsel” on these issues to pull the drawing and make the drawing look like a “white lady”!!!

No kidding… two people in two groups… made a miserable enough comment to have the lady’s photo withdrawn!!

I nearly flipped when I read this. Of all the stupid things to do – this one takes the cake this week – maybe this month and year too.

Imagine she looked tooooo Asian!!! Good Lord… Canada will tip over and the whole world will stop short of going any further because two comments were made by two people!

And that is representative of all Canada… go figure!  I cannot believe this – really!!!

How does that make people of Asian background and heritage feel?  If you are Asian how do you feel?

Come live in Toronto and you will see why it is a good idea to have her picture on the bill.  More of my Chinese friends have more of these big bills than the white guys do!  They are more generous and have better business than some of the whites have!

Now think for a minute – the Montreal setting and the one comment. That one comment comes out of the Province that has the highest percentage of French speaking people who are basically afraid that their children will be possibly losing their culture if any other languages are put fist in their province.

So you just have to ask the question was the objector in Montreal French or English?  But what colour – or racial background were they. What colour were they?

A whole lot of Chinese I know speak fluent French.

But the rub comes for me from Fredericton of all places. I lived there. My oldest daughter was born there. I know these people.  Yes, in my days of living there, they were mostly white. I cannot remember one other than white person that I met in that time.  The time was in 1968 to 1969.

The New Brunswick people are a happy go lucky people that seem to love everyone. They loved me just the way that I was… and coming from Saskatchewan, a place that most New Brunswickers had never been and couldn’t spell… they still loved me.

And I doubt today that it is all white in good old New Brunswick today!  They have welcomed as many non-white as the rest of us and were glad to do so!!!

But that day or night… one not so nice New Brunswick resident said, "The person on it appears to be of Asian descent which doesn't rep(resent) Canada. It is fairly ugly."

And the whole politically correct Ottawa-onians jumped and went into a stupid tail spin – and changed the photo to be WHITE!

I am WHITE with shades of Aboriginal, Scottish, Irish, German, and English and the whole family has a colour of coming up from the United States of America – which is really weird in colour!!! I speak Cantonese and along with a bit of other Asian languages to make it worse!!!!

And I am offended – if they are not!!!

Now you can see why I said Bingo!  I have it! A story worth writing about!!!

I can’t change anything.. but then I don’t expect to carry any Canadian $100 often anyway.

As to the two dudes in Fredericton and Montreal – I feel sorry for you folks. Your little world is just that – LITTLE!

Call me sometime you two are close by – I will show you the best Chinese food places ever! But then I doubt you would eat “that kind of food” either – eeewwww!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Lucas said...

Yes, this controversy is a bit sad. Sometimes I don't know how Canadians view Asian Canadians. On one hand Asian Canadians are too successful (i.e. Macleans Too Asian article), on the otherhand, Asians should but put in their place (i.e. the bill controversy). Very confusing and a bit disturbing for Canada. I thought we're long past this stage but I guess for some (thankfully few people) maybe not.