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The Night Estrogen beat out Testosterone – I was there

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The Night Estrogen beat out Testosterone – I was there
When my wife and I entered the darkened theatre – we were the FIRST ONES there.  And sitting in the dimly lit theatre we were able to watch everyone coming in after us.

About 20 minutes into the event I started to realize that I was very much in a minority in this one. At the 35 minute mark there were still was no men in the crowd pouring through the entrance. It was then that I hit me – this is not a Man’s Movie!!!

More so I also came to the conclusion that this movie is not a Young Person’s Movie either. MOST of the people coming through the door were as old as us or even older… old women going on a Girl’s Night out.

I should have read the movie bio better and taken a hint from what was in the trailer.  It looked funny or humorous … so we chose this one.  Oh Boy!

Towards the end of the Pre Show entertainment some men came in slowly behind their wives/partners.  They kind of were walking a few steps behind. And a common comment from the woman was, “If we sit up there.. or over there … is that okay?”  He would grunt and she would lead.  The poor guy could see the hundreds of women in the audience that he was being led past… and he was not happy with coming to this show!  Not at all!

We were in our usual seats. The first row of the main bank… the same row as the wheel chair folk sit in… lots of leg room and if you have to get out for the bathroom break – you can do it without stepping over someone else… or they over you.

In my favorite seat you can see people coming in but the majority of the folk sit behind you. In this seat you can also hear the 90% of the people behind you talking before the show comes on. And in this case 99.9% speaking were women… all jabbering excitedly about whatever excited women talk about… like “The VIEW” TV Program – only with 200 people speaking at the same time – instead of the panelists.

As the Pre Show Entertainment came on you could feel the estrogen flowing through the 200 plus women in the theatre.  Really!  I could smell the stuff everywhere!!!

I took a quick peek around and the guys were all very low in their seats… staring straight ahead… and not talking, I surmised that they were taking in the ebb and flow of estrogen as well… and wished to God that they had gone to the Macho Movie next door.. but with his wife (or their wives) holding their hands tightly – THEY COULDN’T GET OUT.  They were looking at me in that first and spacious row and swearing.

I should have got a hint when we walked into the theatre and the young guy took our tickets. I had quipped to him, “We are going to the Old People’s Movie…”

His response was, “I am not going to touch that one…” and smiled politely.

This was not only a Movie for women but for women that were older – and likely for their husbands too – who they could not drag into this place with an anchor rope!

What Movie was this – you are asking…?

Well it is entitled “Hope Springs” – yikes!  It even sounds like a Harlequin Romance Novel – doesn’t it?  That is one big gushy hint GUYS!

Here is what the trailer’s blurb states… quote…
Kay and Arnold are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple's specialist in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. Just convincing the stubborn Arnold to go on the retreat is hard enough - the real challenge for both of them comes as they shed their bedroom hang-ups and try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other in the first place.
End quote…

The fact that Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones were the lead characters made it sound okay. Tommy Lee Jones is a kickass kind of guy.  He and Will Smith often save the world from whatever bad stuff they encounter. And well… Meryl Streep has played some really different roles like Mama Mia (I loved that music)… she should be fun to watch.

Good Lord… mother of God… Holy Mackerel… this Movie is not about saving the world… not about good music… it was about S-E-X between two old people… and the fact that he has lost it and she wants more intimacy. It is about his stubborn old ways and  his really not wanting to be there – and YET SHE FORCED HIM TO BE THERE!

My words are running down now.

The sound of the laughter of the estrogen in the audience is not running down however. I can still hear the whoops, the gut busting laughter, the snickering of all the ladies around me.

I so wished that I have chosen the “Expendables” where a bunch of the Ancient and Very Old Movie Machos kick the snot out of whenever they come in contact with.  Sylvester and Jean Claude… wham – bam – slam – crash – bash – whoa!... my kind of movie!!!

And there I was sinking slowly in to the cushion seat and listening to women whoop it up when the poor Tommy Lee was going through Hell on that Marriage Counselor’s couch.

The fact that Steve Carell was a sober and sensible counselor kind of blew me away too. He is always such a jackass on the TV Program “The Office”.  Sober and sensible for him is twisted.

My goodness and gracious… Tommy finally becomes the HERO and Meryl Streep is smiling before the before the end of the movie. In fact Tommy Lee really gets into this love making and mushy stuff.  Lordy! Lordy!!

I quickly walked out following my wife… she giggled and whispered in my ear… “That was a good movie!”

There was one funny part for me.  Just before the end of the Movie… a “church lady” that we know… one who has been a pain to me over the past few years in a big way… stomped out past where we were sitting… she was not happy. She had likely been talked into coming for a Girl’s Night Out with some others.

The content of this movie did not impress her at all! That made me laugh and I nudged my wife…

Would I go again?  Yep – the total experience of sitting with so many women and listening to them – was too good!  My wife and I laughed all the way home… her for her reasons… me – for my own reasons.

As we exited the theatre and stood in the foyer area… a lady from our church was standing there waiting for her husband.  He had gone to one of the Macho Movies… she – I think was in our Movie – alone.  I didn’t dare ask her what she thought.  Too funny. He had escaped and she had seen what she wanted to see… and I’ll just bet that he will be there next week with her…

I am giggling today.  Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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