Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today is Celebration Day!

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My Celtic Love Spoons - hand carved from Old Mahogany

Today is Celebration Day!
It is truly a Celebration Day!  Some small problems have been solved.  Wahoo!

Yesterday we had a Racoon visitor again.  He is in our yard regularly. Yesterday we caught sight of the tail end as he was climbing our big tree out front early in the morning as he was headed for bed.  He sleeps up there all day and then come down to ravage the garbage can.

Yesterday, even with our best garbage in the can, that he normally pulls all to pieces, it was not even touched. WOW!  He was there but he left the garbage alone.  He did other folk’s on our street – but not ours!

The celebration comes by my simple discovery. One quarter cup of old paint thinner dumped in on the tissue in the garbage bag is a bad smell to Mr. Racoon – and he cannot smell the delicious garbage inside!!

It is not enough Paint Thinner to hurt anyone or any pile of city garbage – but it does the trick with the Racoon!

Celebration two… no roof leak.  The Becel margarine container had no water in it after the huge rain storm of yesterday. The temporary roof patch worked!

Celebration three… Misty Hollow’s business has picked up.  The steady stream of customers is so gratifying.  Business is not booming but the Recession thing seems to lighten up at times and people then buy what they would like.

Celebration four… a Groom is happy today and his Bride is absolutely delighted.  He emailed me from Calgary Wednesday afternoon. He saw that I carved Celtic Love Spoons – from my Web Site.  He wondered if I could get one to him by Friday – preferably earlier in the day.

Oh boy… I had to go home that evening and get it packed and ready to ship on Thursday… by UPS he suggested.  I called the UPS for a pick up on Thursday.  They didn’t come until 4:30 PM.

On Friday morning it arrived in the young man’s office at 10:30 AM. Yes that is right 10:30 AM on Friday morning – UPS is amazing!

When he called on Wednesday he asked how much it would be.  He agreed and wanted the exact spoon that I had sent a photo of via email attachment.  I sent him an Invoice via PayPal. In 15 minutes the money was in my bank in Peterborough.

On Friday afternoon he left for Vancouver Island to get married the following Friday. His new Bride loves the Celtic theme and particularly a Celtic Love Spoon.  He is very happy that I saved “his bacon” in that he had forgotten to find a spoon for her… up to the minute that he saw one on my Web Site.

Celebration five… the Web Site this week alone had produced about $600 in potential income and orders.

Not bragging at all. But it has been a long, slow process of working hard through the “Recession” time. And nothing is more difficult than working hard and steady with no results.

The word today is Hang On!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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