Saturday, August 4, 2012

CTV Coverage of the Olympics 2012 – Blah!

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CTV Coverage of the Olympics 2012 – Blah!

Ah nuts!  I climbed out of bed at 5 AM, switched on the TV to see if I could catch the race that my nephew Zach Bell was to be cycling in…!  It was to be taking place in London at 10 AM their time – meaning 5 AM Ontario time.

At 5:56 AM – for a total of about 30 seconds the wonderful CTV Network showed Zach going around the indoor track at the Olympics.  No kidding – about 30 seconds.  Now there is coverage.

The CTV coverage was of the women’s triathlon.

Well I guess that is it for what they have to offer.

The other alternative was to switch over to the TSN Network and try there. Nope – not there. These folks are not out of bed on Saturday morning. They were offering re-runs of the night before.

Well Zach we are pulling for you and know you will do your best – win or not win.

The letdown of not seeing what is going on in the other world is frustrating to say the least.  It is like being a little kid again and looking through the legs or between the shoulders of adults standing in front of you at a parade.  No one there cares if you can see or not.

But hey that is life.  And life this week is all about having the eyes of all the world on the Olympics Games in London, England – 2012. Parents and relatives from all over the world will be trying to catch some news of what has happened in these games.

And my bet is that everyone but a few will be frustrated with the way that the games are being reported.  It is not about the sport many times it is about the way the men and women announcers try to put their little spin on whatever.

The one TSN announcers is a clown. I thought at first he was on ‘Wipe Out” TV show – where almost intelligent people nearly kill themselves to have a few second of fame (and win $50,000!).  Simply he is not funny and quips a lot about things that he sees as comical.

Sorry I don’t think that way. I just want to know what is happening – that’s all.

Now backing up a little and stating that the re-runs of what is happening now and what they present later will likely stretch me – over and over again.

The answer was this morning – turn off the TV and move on. I will hear about it later on I am sure.

There is life after the TV goes off and when the Olympics are over.

So get a Life – Lincoln!  A bright, sunny, hot day is in store for you today. What will you do with it?

Good Luck Zach Bell wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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