Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go Zach Bell Go! Your Grandma is pulling for you!!!

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Go Zach Bell Go!  Your Grandma is pulling for you!!!
(Subtitle - Thank you P&G Company!)
This is the 2012 Olympic Week in our home and no one is more tuned in than Marion Lincoln (some of her friend’s out west know her as Nell Lincoln).

Marion is now 91 Years and 6 Months old, heading quickly toward 92 and still going.  She may have a little problem hitting the right button on the TV Cable machine but she still gets it.

But why would this rather old lady have much to do with the Olympics?

Well the interest is basically in one young man named Zach Bell.  Zach is her grandson and she follows everything that he does.  Each month she gets to the local Chapter’s store to go through all cycling magazine to see which one Zach might be in.  And a number of the big magazines do write stories about Zach’s adventures on his bicycle around the world.  He is really good at what he does.

Marion has been active over the years.  As a young lady she was a very good baseball player. During World War 2 she was among other gals that played a very high standard of baseball locally in southern Saskatchewan. From her group of players the Big Wigs in the USA scouted the ladies to play in The All-American Baseball League centered out of Chicago.

She laughed when she watched the movie “A League of Their Own”, a story that was loosely based the real league of players that Wrigley was involved in starting to keep baseball alive during the war.

Her grandson Zach Bell will be racing this weekend, Saturday and Sunday – August 4 & 5 in the new “Men’s Omnium” in London, England. (This part of the Olympics actually starts on Thursday.)

You can read about Zach’s climb to this position in the Toronto Star’s article of August 1, 2012 (published July 31, 2012)– under the title of London 2012.  You can read the article by Paul Hunter at this Link – Zach Bell – London 2012

Zach is very good – saying that BTW – as I am his uncle and Marion is my mom.

Zach’s mom is Karen – my youngest sister. Karen lives in Whitehorse, Yukon – an awfully long ways from London, England.

P&G’s part in our family...
Now if you watch the Olympics on TV you will see that a Major advertisers and sponsor is the P&G Company – that is the Proctor and Gamble Company.  They have this wonderfully brilliant ad that shows athletes all in a practice and then a ready stance for their Olympic event. You will see as you watch the ad that the characters are older people that don’t really fit the groove of the young Olympians… then it suddenly transitions to show the younger Olympian that looks like the older version… it is the athlete’s dad or mom.  I couldn’t find the link for that Video on YouTube yet… but here are the others that you may have seen as well

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

To Their Moms, They'll Always Be Kids (P&G Commercial)


The P&G (Proctor and Gamble) Company fits into our family as well. 

P&G gave my little sister a good boost for her trip to London, England.

P&G is a family company that puts their dollars behind and into people that need help and that they appreciate.

Way to go P&G!!! Thank you on behalf of our family and especially on behalf of Marion Lincoln, Zach Bell’s grandmother.

This weekend my mom will be glued to the TV as her grandson Zach tries his hardest to win at the Olympics.

There is another small excitement too for Zach and his wife Rebecca… and for my mom.  Not long after the Olympics are over for 2012, a “Little Bell” will arrive to change Zach and Rebecca’s life for ever.  Another generation of Olympians will arrive soon.

To say that Marion Lincoln is pretty excited to have another Great Grandchild coming soon – is an under statement.


Zach Bell on the left with his coach
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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