Friday, August 3, 2012

A Photoshop Tutorial - How to remove-lift the Line Art from the Background – without Magic Wands etc using the “Quick Mask Mode”

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A Photoshop Tutorial - How to remove-lift the Line Art from the Background – without Magic Wands etc using the “Quick Mask Mode”

This posting today is in a different direction from my normal route that I usually take.  It is about learning something new and keeping the mind fresh by activity.

It is about using Photoshop – an amazing program developed by the folks at Adobe.

It is also about Card Making and Scrap Booking as well as the new field of Digital Scrap Booking.

I am going to share a method of removing the white background from a Line Art image to make it Transparent. By making it Transparent with only the lines showing I am able to paint/colour the image much better on the computer. That’s where it helps Digital Scrap Booking or any other kind of person working with digital images.

Why in the world would anyone want to do such a thing?

First – Sell – Sell – Sell…
Well at this time we are preparing the images that I have drawn for sale on the Web Site at Crop Circles.  These images will be offered to Scrap Bookers and Card Makers.  (At present a very small example of Misty Hollow Images are being shown… sooooon it will be live - you are the first to get this “heads-up”).

Folk will be using the Digital Images to create all kinds of Creations.  Not only can the regular Scrap Booking people use them but they also will ready for the Digital Scrap Booking folk.

The Digital Scrap Bookers may wish to add colour to the image that they use by using a program like Photoshop.  They will find this information helpful I am sure.

By purchasing the image from the Web Site they can store it and use it multiple times over.  It is like a Rubber Stamp only it is in an electronic form and their printer is the stamp pad.

When the Black and White image is printed it can be coloured by the “Copic Markers” that are available everywhere.

In Peterborough the Copic Markers may be purchased through the Crop Circles store, which is on the lower level of the Peterborough Square – downtown Peterborough (360 George Street).

These Copic Markers can also be purchased through Crop Circles Web Site.

That is way more information than you needed right.  Well the folk doing a search today for information about this may need it.  So here goes.

A written Photoshop Tutorial…
How to remove-lift the Line Art from the Background – without Magic Wands etc..
I must give credit to “AjayLikesGaming” the person who uploaded the video which you can follow at

1 Select the layer your line art is on…
2 Highlight the area that you want to remove background from… click the Crop outline around your image…then go to Edit – then click on Cut… everything disappears… oh boy.
3 Hit the Button – bottom left side of panel- The “Quick Mask Mode” or Q on the Keyboard…
4 In this mode go to Paste – or hit Control V
5 This will bring in the Line Art – it will be red at this moment…
6 To select the Line Art again… Hit the Q or the click the Quick Mask Mode button again…
        This actually selects everything around the Line Art it appears with the dotted lines…
7 Then you can hit “Select” and “Inverse” or Ctrl Shift and I

8 Next choose the original layer that the line art came from/on… (you are likely still on that level unless the phone rang…)

9 Click on Edit … then fill… (the Line Art) – choose Black…

10 The Line Art turns black… if it is not enough contrast … add more contrast and maybe more Fill…(increase the Line thickness?)

11.  When working in Photoshop – to add colour – Make a new layer (transparent) then colour on the new layer as the original transparent image shows through.

The problem that I now have is… I am loving the painting of the Digital Art more than doing the other work that needs to be done!

For those of you that don’t know me… I am a Grandpa, 68 years old and learning new things every day.  That is the way retirement should be.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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