Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The "Laughing Guys" sitting behind me

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The "Laughing Guys" sitting behind me
While sitting in the theatre last evening waiting for my two friends to arrive, I was listening to the people around me.  The Pre-Show entertainment was going on in front of me and people were talking around me.  The show hadn’t started yet.

I had noticed the two couples in the foyer when I arrived. The two guys were tall and with each guy was a little shorter gal.  The guys seem to know each other and perhaps the gals were just meeting for the first time. The two girls didn’t talk to each other.

I sat down in my favorite seat and waited for my friends to get there.

The two couples came in after me and sat directly behind me. I could hear all that they were saying.  Too funny.  It was like being an “Audio Tom” – you know a Peeping Tom – only just listening in – not looking! (No – No I didn’t mean that you knew what it was to be a Peeping Tom).

The guys did all the talking to each other. They were sitting gal, guy, guy and then gal.  The guys were carrying on a huge conversation back and forth with each other.  They were having a great time but the poor girls said next to nothing.

I couldn’t figure it out. Were they just getting back from the Summer Away from University?  Maybe the guys were in school together last year… and the girls were new to the city?  It was weird.  I usually can figure out what is happening by just listening.

No doubt the four people were trying to make some sort of impression on the opposite sex sitting beside them.

Facing the screen as I was, the guy on the right side and directly behind me, with his date on his right side, laughed at everything the other guys said. And his laugh was distinctly weird.

When he laughed his voice sound would started off low in the laughter… and then change to a higher and higher pitch sound as he laughed on.  He could and did laugh differently with each joke or comment by his friend.  Yet he could start off low and then go high or go back to low again… and change whenever.

Once in a while the “laugher” would crack a joke and his friend would laugh back at him… and again with another kind of laugh that varied in style and sound as well.

It was almost like their laughter was a language.  I don’t think that I have ever heard this kind of “laughing communication” going on before.

Were they brothers that came from a laughing family?

The girls didn’t laugh. They just listened, like I was listening also.

The jokes weren’t that funny.  The comments being made were about other people that the two guys knew… and each story brought on peals of laughter.

This is all happening in the Pre-Show entertainment.

My friends arrived, two guys that I know well. We just listen to people, we don’t laugh and giggle like my new friends sitting behind me did. 

We comment and then grunt at each other’s deep wisdom… ahem.

The movie was funny, ridiculous and stupid and kind of worth the $5.39 cents(cheap night price) that I paid.

We laughed at the stupidity in the story line… and the actions of the comedians playing the parts they did.

The guys behind me laughed a lot… but the girls didn’t say much.

That may have been the longest date that these gals had ever been on.

Maybe the girls will become best friends and remember back to that night when the two guys laughed weirdly to each other.

Is there a deep reflection that I can leave you the reader with at the end of this post? 

I doubt it.

Except maybe that it is so much fun to just listen.  Then after collecting the bits of information from the conversation that you heard, try to piece together a story about the ones that you listened to… like I did.

It was kind of worth the $5.39 that I paid… and my thoughts last night afterwards and earlier this morning made me smile.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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