Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Canada – My Celebrations and My Thoughts

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My Canada – My Celebrations and My Thoughts

In the National Post newspaper yesterday the results of a Poll were published with comments for some experts…

One comment was as follows…1. The Young are Less Patriotic
“Younger Canadians are far less likely to think of themselves as Canadians first than their parents are — a full 22 points stands between them, at 56% for Canadians aged 18-34 and an average of 78% for people aged 55 and over. “National identification is something that grows over time,” Mr. Jedwab said. “The first thing people interact with is their family, and then it’s the school and the neighbourhood and the things they can see around them. People don’t start thinking about national issues until they’re older.” (see Link below)

Makes sense to me.

Canadians are often feeling that they should be more Patriotic after we look at our American relatives south of our southern border (and north in Windsor’s and the BC – Yukon Border).

They seem so hyped up compared to my Canada.

My dad used to like going to the USA in July 4th – because they celebrated big time.  His birthday was July 4th so that made it even bigger and brighter for him.

Yet my American relatives tend to hate their politicians in greater ways that we Canadians do.  We grumble about ours – they shoot theirs.

I am Canadian and proud of my passivism, my lack of political anger and hatred, my clean air and open country for so many miles where no yet lives there…

I am not proud of our record of doing what we have done to our Aboriginal folk – the Original Canadians… and not proud at all what is happening to them now with their living conditions.

I am not proud of the way our present Government is changing the rules where health care is removed from possible refugee claimants. That is so wrong.  We are told by the minister in charge of this that they need to go back to where they came from and not live off us!  Where would he be if we would have done that to his family!!?

So wrong!

I am upset at times when we reach out to the world around the globe to spend gazillions of dollars on helping them – yet kids in our own communities have nothing at all and live in poverty stricken conditions.

Yes it is Peterborough – not Toronto or Montreal – it is here!

So Oh Canada… la la la… I stand on guard for thee… sure why not.

I do wish that our politicians were all honest. I wish they would say they are sorry when they are wrong… and not worry so much about their image and the next vote.

In my research about Canada this week and what it means to be Canadian… I found out that I was not born Canadian. I found out that my wife is not born Canadian either. We were born British Commonwealth Citizens in Canada. It wasn’t until July 1st 1947 that Canadians could say they had a statute declaring them Canadian.

Mackenzie King, the Prime Minister of Canada in 1947 became the first Canadian Citizen as he signed the new Act into Canadian parliament and law.

So – okay I will celebrate my Canada Day 2012.  But I will be thinking about a lot of things.

Today I am praying for my friends in Thailand – the Moore Family.  They are Canadians trying to help the Thai people that have been caught in some tough life styles.  They do that by being a Canadian Family living overseas – away from us… and loving others.

Oh Canada!!!
~ Murray Lincoln ~


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