Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Makes you Happy?

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What Makes you Happy?

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… and the list goes on.

Each morning that I listen to the news more reports come from around the world filled with sadness and misery.  It almost makes me not want to turn on the TV or Radio!

When you are filled with sad news all the time – you get sadder.

I searched this morning for some “happy news”… and WOW what a good thing to look for!!!

Here is a story that is just great – a report actually.

The short report entitled “Poll:Teens say happiness comes from Family” Isn’t that neat!  1. Spending time with family, 2. Spending times with friends, 3. Spending time with a boyfriend or girlfriend (of the opposite sex).

That isn’t what a lot of people think.  It was a study done by the Associate Press in 2007.

I like that.

A Wed Site entitled Squido offered a list of “Happy News, Happy Stories & Happy People”.  Their list is a collection of articles and stories from people that are happy or offer happy news.

I noticed one person that created a Happy List – making a collection of all the things that made her happy. The Blog posting is entitled “Stephanie’s 10 things” May 31st. 

As I began thinking about it – this happiness thing… I started to realize that I HAVE LOTS TO BE HAPPY ABOUT.  Thinking about them makes the day different.

Concentrating on the latest car bomb and who is fighting who… is a real downer.

My wife Alida and I were sitting in a Mall the other day having a cold Ice Coffee when a young mom sat beside us.  She parked the stroller she was pushing one table over.  It was then that the cutest little girl lifted her head up and looked at us… then she grinned. Her hair was between blonde and red in colour. Her eyes were a brilliant blue.. and cheeks were rosy red.

She grinned at us and then kept checking us out.

I asked her mom what the little girl’s name was and response was perfect… “Mollie” mom said.  That little girl provided us with happiness for that moment and the days to come.  Even now as I think of her and remember that cute little face and her grin… I smiled again.

Last evening a young family stopped by to visit my wife and me.  With them were their two young sons Samson and Jonah.  After helping the boys each select something from garage… they came over and gave grandpa a hug.  That hug will go a long ways this week.

It doesn’t take much to make a person happy… a short visit, a grin from Mollie, a few well-chosen words and an honest heart expressing them.

But to make the Happiness go away quickly I need only have one really bad memory come flashing back… and kaboom… I have my own car bomb story!

I chose to think of Mollie, Jonah and Samson… and the smile comes back.

I think God made flowers and kid’s smiles to help us old people get through one more day.

Thanks God – I needed that!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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