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The Not-so-good Landlords and Property Managers of Peterborough

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The Not-so-good Landlords and Property Managers of Peterborough
(Warning – this is a 1400+ word posting that tells the truth!)

Knowing that people use ‘Search Words’ in their browsers to find things on the Internet… I really want to entitle this posting, “Slum Landlords and Property Managers of Peterborough” – but I might get into problems with certain powerful people.

But hey if that is the truth why not write about Slum Landlords of Peterborough? Why not write about rotten to the core Property Managers!?

Well today I can honestly write about some of the worst personalities of our fine city(or outside our city). They are really the lowest of the low when it comes to the way that they treat people and what they offer for housing.

Now this a pretty strong stance to take as I address this issue… I know. But I know that these dear folk live in relatively nice houses or I should say REALLY NICE HOUSES!  And they wouldn’t let their dog stay in the place that they own – let alone their kids or even live there themselves but they will rent to others with little kids and not give a ding dong,

Hey Lincoln… you are really steamed up about this.  Why?  What got your tail in a knot?

Last night we visited a young couple that are planning their marriage in the middle of August 2012.  We were warmly welcomed into their home and offered a wonderful cup of coffee.  It was our second meeting as we work together on their wedding/life plans and get to know each other.

When we get involved with a couple in this way we want them to know who we are as well – before I perform the wedding ceremony.  I refuse to stand there in front of God and these two very important people – and just say some words.  This marriage ceremony means much to me and from what I see it means the world to them.

The contact with this couple came as result of a contact at the Peterborough Square and the “Mall Table Ministry” that I have written about before.

The young lady dropped by to meet me one day when she heard that I conducted wedding ceremonies. The young man at an earlier date had also stopped to talk to me about my art work and had told me that he was interested in drawing.  The “Mall Table” had brought us together.

I am going to give them a name for you to fasten your thoughts to… they are “Miss K” and “Mr. K”. That should be simple enough to help you connect with them.

“Miss K” and “Mr. K” each had two children when they came together.  In this past year they have now had a beautiful baby girl together. They have been living together for 5 years and making a go of it.

Their story is long and complicated to say the least.  Just getting to this point their lives would require me to write a big book to tell all that has happened to this young couple so far.

Miss K is just completing her college studies and will begin her new job shortly.  Mr. K is a stay at home dad that loves all of the kids and does a real good job at what he does with them.

At the end of the month of August they are moving to an acreage just outside the city where they will be living in farm house situated on 200 acres of land. They are so excited.

Their present home…
Well with the new farm house on the horizon and the move taking place… they are escaping the present living conditions of a small apartment on a shady Peterborough street… which is a “row house” of years ago. 

My rough guess is that the building they live in is over 100 years old.

Their belongings are piled up on one side of the room ready for moving.

It was after my question about the very old building and what they knew of it that they kind of stumbled with how much they hate the place.

When you look closely you can see how tired the apartment is and how long ago it is since anything was done.

They told what they pay for rent – a whopping $1500 per month – for the upstairs and main floor units. But when they told us that their electric bill is averaging $700 a month – I nearly fell of the couch.  How could that be?

They have to use space heaters to heat the place – the furnace doesn’t work. There is warning plastered on the furnace that it is not to be used. The Gas Company has issued that warning – there is something seriously wrong with the furnace… It is very Dangerous – it would appear that if it is used they could die from the resulting problem!!

A window that broke had to be replaced. Someone came and took the pane of glass out of one and put in another.  Not sure if I got that story completely straight – but it appears that a Property Manager has taken his liberty to deal with issues on his own in a very CHEAP WAY! (Guess who is pocketing money!)

When Miss K complained to the Property Manager about …furnace… window… whatever… he has a simple, straight forward, ignorant answer… are you ready for this… it is a direct quote… “Move your shit!” – which is common street language, “If you don’t like it get out… there are plenty more people I can rent to that will do as I say!”

Has anyone told this Jackass Property Manager that a place without a furnace in Ontario, in the cold of winter, is dangerous for little kids to live in?  Has anyone told him that the space heaters they have to use, that cost a bundle – are dangerously over loading a system that is not wired to do that job!!!?  A fire could start and the family could be wiped out… or worse yet – ALL DIE!

How could anyone pay $700 a month?  Well you see they are on social assistance.. and whatever the cost is that month the social assistance people simple give them a portion of the costs.  So if they have to use space heaters – no problem. If the furnace doesn’t work – it is not the Social Assistance people that are at fault – it is the Landlord first (who likely doesn’t even know about it) or the Property Manager who can rent it again at exorbitant prices – in a heartbeat to more people that are struggling to keep their heads above water too.

Yep, “Move your shit!”  That’s so stupid there are no words to really tell you what I think.

By the way – there are ten rentable apartments in that row house owned by the same owner. Simple math tells you that she is raking in $7,000 a month on this one row house – and she pays nothing for repairs… or if she does… the Property Manager is pocketing the money and doing nothing.

Someday, someone in that row house will die. But guaranteed the Owner will not be at fault… neither will the Property Manager… the silly, struggling young mom with three kids in one apartment, or the dad with his daughter alone in the other area – will be at fault – but not the fine lady making $7,000 per month for doing nothing!

If I could only get a hold of this Owner and tell her to, “Get your Ass out here take a look at what you are doing to young families!”

And if I could ever speak to that Property Manager, I wouldn’t have words to reason with him. He simply is worthless and the Stupid, Fine Lady doesn’t have a clue how bad he is making her look.

There – now I feel I have your attention.  Do you think you would be willing to go with me and talk to the Fire Department about what is happening in that place?  Would you be willing to speak to Mayor Daryl Bennett with me about where his City Money is going to – or maybe we should speak to the Member of Provincial Parliament, Jeff Leal and ask what he thinks about how the Ontario Money is being spent in this way because the Manager/Owner doesn’t give a rip.

But if we did that 10 families wouldn’t have a place to live anymore.

You know… I hate knowing what I know… but I am so glad that Miss K and Mr. K will be leaving at the end of August… so very glad. I am so looking forward to this wedding coming up and their brand new start!!!!


~ Murray Lincoln ~

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