Monday, July 2, 2012

Listening for Approaching Aircraft before the advent of Radar

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Listening for Approaching Aircraft before the advent of Radar

My friend Joe sent me an email with some amazing photos of old inventions from long ago. They were created before the radar was perfected. They were invented to try and give the people on the ground notice of an advancing aircraft attack.

I present them in this blog today to simply help everyone remember what has happened in the past… and the ingenious people that went before us.

These inventions/creations were being used in the days of the prop airplanes – not the supersonic jet. Can you fathom what would happen to the ears of someone listening in on a jet coming way over the speed of sound?!?

My father was of this generation.

In the past few months of watching TV and some of the Football Games – they still use a similar method to capture sounds at the side of the field.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

Photos to enjoy... DOUBLE CLICK to see a larger photo - right click to "Save as"

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