Monday, July 23, 2012

Meeting ‘Woof’ the Fishing Dog

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Meeting ‘Woof’ the Fishing Dog
As I drank my coffee and enjoyed the early morning sunshine with my book, a sound behind me brought me back to the present.

The sound was a loud “Woof” and the “Woof” belonged to a bigger dog. Even though I couldn’t see him I could feel the “Woof”.

The Woof got louder and more intense.

The Woof belonged to a larger Golden Retriever that was sitting directly behind my chair and the small bush at my back.

He was apparently not happy sitting where he was and he wanted some action.  His owner had gone into the Silver Bean Coffee Shop on our waterfront.  And that owner was taking too long according to the Woofs coming from my large friend.

I will call him “Woof” as that is the first way he connected with me.

Just outside the Silver Bean Coffee Shop is a bowl of cold water that is offered for Woof and all his friends that might be stopping by with their owners.  Dogs like Woof are welcome at this outdoor coffee shop. Impressive.

I read on and realized after a moment that Woof had stopped woofing and was not there any longer. The “woof” was replaced by a splashing sound…

As I looked over the rail to the level below the Coffee Shop, Woof was in the water and he was fishing!

No kidding… this dog was something else!

He watched intently the bottom of the lake and shore line for things that would move and then he would pounce on it… taking a big bight at the water.

Woof walked around and around, up and down the shore looking for critters that he could catch.

Not far from Woof were the regular mass of ducks that collect around the boat peer.  They watched their fury friend with caution. When Woof turned their way they would quickly reverse directions to a little deeper water.

But Woof had no interest in these feathered critters… he was looking for things below the water surface.

Wait a minute!  Woof and all Golden Retrievers are BIRD DOGS!  They love the chase and the hunt of Birds.  They are not Fish Dogs… there is no such thing as a Fish Dog.

Wrong – Wrong – Wrong!

This character was a Fisherman supreme… and he stayed at it for well over one hour and a half that I was there.

Woof was without his leash on… his only desire was to fish, wade in the water back and forth and chumped down on whatever was there for him to catch.

His owners were two ladies, one in a wheel chair and the other sitting down near the water’s edge where she could keep an eye of Woof.

When the two ladies were ready to leave Woof climbed out of the water and gave a mighty shake.  Then he trotted beside the wheel chair as they headed down the sidewalk towards home.

The dog in this park was my joy of the day. Someone else owned it and I could enjoy it.  Woof was amazing and was a blessing in a strange disguise. A big old, golden Labrador Retriever that was just there to have fun.

His earlier “woof” and its intensity was sounding out, “Hey Mom, get your coffee and let’s get going… I want to fish!”

Each time I have sit in the park and I wait for my new fury friend come by and greet me.  They are so friendly.

I have also found that Dog Owners are the most friendly people that I have met as well.  They have to be. Their dog always bring them along to give me the greeting that I need… a quick lick, a sniff and a turn around that says, “Please scratch that spot for me… just a little to the left… yesss… that’s it… mmm… Thank you!”

A quick lick and they are gone.

Woof was amazing.  But taking time to sit and watch Woof and the other dogs that came along too… is far more important that what I should be doing.

Should be-s are gone now… what happens right now is far more important than “Have to”.

“Woof, Woof, Woof!”

I got that Woof… hold on I am with you and into the water we go…. Oh boy this will be fun!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Meet Woof...

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