Monday, July 16, 2012

I am a Marriage Officiate – let’s get you married and have fun doing it!

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I am a Marriage Officiate – let’s get you married and have fun doing it!

Whoa! Wedding Season is on for another year! People are doing it all the time now.  That is where I connect with them.

I marry people. Actually if I state that correctly I am a “Marriage Officiate” – performing marriage ceremonies for couples that need my services.

Another one is coming up in August.  We are now in the process of getting the plans together for another wonderful day.

But not everything goes so smoothly.  Sometimes there are wrinkles that must be worked out.  A couple discussed with us the other day what was happening for them.  (I am not marrying them)

The MOTHER of the groom is a NIGHTMARE (all caps on purpose!)!!!!

They have no say over what is about to take place. The Old Gal is in charge of everything – right down to what they will say and do. I think she is even controlling what and where they will do for a Honeymoon.  As a couple they are beside themselves with the fear and horror of what the Mother is doing to them.

Yikes – what a way to start out!

I found two wedding cakes that I am recommending that they have as a possible backup for their wedding. Maybe they will have some say in that part!??  Take a look below!!!

Marriage is like a job in a certain company. It can be wonderful or it can be a NIGHTMARE.  It all depends on who you work with and how they react.

I have had some terrible working places… but thank goodness that I am not there any longer!  In some cases the people that you worked with were anything but nice to be with. Leaving them to deal with their own vices was the best thing that ever happened.

So… in looking at some of these couples and particularly their family situations I can see why many will not work out.  The obstacles within the family are so great that the fragile marriage has little chance to grow. 

It is something like an Orchid trying to grow beside the mouth of a volcano.  Double YIKES!

At each wedding I try to instruct the two families to not mess with this couple’s life together. Instead I ask the family members to encourage and support the newly married couple… don’t interfere!

The couple we met with recently has interference already… the NIGHTMARE MOTHER is showing her stuff – right off the bat.  I guess that is good in one way. The Bride and Groom will never have to wonder why they face so much trouble later on!

I wonder if that NIGHTMARE MOTHER will tell them where and how they are to make a baby?  I don’t doubt that she may well take that step!!!

If you are looking for a Marriage Officiate – I would love to help you. I will try to help you with the NIGHTMARE MOTHER or MOTHER-IN-LAW… not sure how but I will work on it.  (We have Duct Tape and good mouth covering that stick well until the ceremony is over… ahem).

So today I salute the brave couple that will be married in August and the ones that follow that date as well.  Here is to a long and healthy relationship!

Call me 705-760-9389 – I can help you.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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