Saturday, July 7, 2012

God… I love being a boy!

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God… I love being a boy!

The car is packed and the canoe is secured on the trailer… and three boys are more excited than anyone can imagine. We are going fishing today.

It took us an hour to get it ready last night and we are ready to go… as soon as they get up.

Yep – my two grandsons are here for the weekend and they are so excited about this one day. Imagine – just one day.

Yes – I did say – “three boys” – that included me.  The grandpa in the boat is a “boy” as well.

What keeps you a boy after 68 years of living?  Answer – it is the excitement, the anticipation, the imagination, the what if… and all the things that a boy has inside of him.

When you lose that – you are old.  When you no longer have the wonder of life you don’t deserve having the important title “Boy”.

“Boy” ranks right up there with the House of Lords title of “Lord Murray Lincoln” – right beside “Lord Samuel Lincoln” – one of my former relatives back in England.

But maybe “Boy” is above the title of “Lord”.  A Boy never stops dreaming of what might happen… what size the fish will be and where it might be caught.

The “boy” is a dreamer… not a schemer.

When I told my grandsons that we would be going fishing today the excitement was greater than you can ever imagine. I do not have words to tell you how they reacted.  One word… “YES!!!” uttered by one of them was the best way to say it all.

One grandson stated the obvious in his mind… “But we don’t have any fishing gear?”

The other grandson answered with great confidence, “Don’t worry… Grandpa has everything we need.”

I grinned.  They have gone fishing with me before.  That last time I never got my line in the water… I was too busy taking their fish off the hooks because they didn’t want to touch the “things”.

Today they are both taller than I am… and stronger. The canoe went up on to the trailer in a wisp. Young muscles bulged and easily lifted the old Tug up in place.  All I had to do was tell them what I needed done.

(The side benefit was that we cleaned part of the garage after we pulled the canoe out.)

As I looked out this morning… there are a few rain drops… and the canoe is wet.  But with three excited boys heading to the river, nothing will thwart the zeal and excitement that they have deep inside.

Today is our day.  And some day all three of us will linger on this memory.

God… I love being a boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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