Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our trees are crying this morning

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Our trees are crying this morning
As I looked out this morning I saw the tree beside our driveway crying with joy.  The bush in the front yard is doing the same… so is the grass.

How can a tree, bush or grass cry?

For well over a week now we have had extremely hot weather and no rain.  The grass died first. Then the bushes started looking withered.  Finally the tree was just not itself.  In fact we suspect that the tree has stopped waiting fro water to come normally and is now heading into our water/sewer drain pipes – looking for water.

It has been extreme for our farmers and anyone counting on vegetation of any kind to support themselves.  Nothing is growing at the rate that it usually does in our area.  In fact they are now using the word drought to describe what we are going through with this weather changing.

I was speaking with a friend in the western part of Africa where it is always hot.  I asked him what the thermometer was reading over this past week. His answer was simple, “Everyday is the same. The highest we have had is 31 C. It is always the same and doesn’t get hotter than that.”

Whoa!  What a shock that was to hear his report. It is hotter in this part of Canada than it has been in that part of Africa!

But give us about 5 months from now and we will have a snow shovels ready for we will have lost 30 to 40 degrees C!  It will be snow time again. (Boxing Day Sales are only 5 months from today in case you haven’t notice…)

As I listened to the rain coming down steadily most of this morning I smiled. What a peaceful time it was early today.

My life is like the tree in our yard.  It has grown strong and tall.  But it counts of every drop of moisture to keep going. It needs support from its good ground below and the water that comes its way. Without that support from a good root system and the vital water that is needed – it will die.

When the really hot weather of life comes along and the troubles related to it all, it is very difficult to face each day.  And I admit that it has been hard through those times to keep going, to keep focused and stay alert.  My ‘leaves’ were wilting and my life was drooping.

But then God sends the rain at the right time.  It is then that he sends the right person to be there when I need them. It is then that unsuspected blessings fall like the rain did this morning… softly and with such grace.

But there have been some lightning and thunder this morning as well. A whole lot like my life… just enough thunder to remind me who is charge!!!

I THANK GOD this morning for rain... for my yard and for my life!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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