Friday, July 13, 2012

Peterborough Square, the City of Peterborough have a Great Idea

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Peterborough Square, the City of Peterborough have a Great Idea 

As I came by the corner of the Mall just after exiting the Main Doors – there it was standing alone.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.

What an amazing idea!  I am impressed.  Someone sure has put some thought into the need that many will face.  WOW!

Not everyone will need this gadget but the ones that do will be delighted to say the least.

What is it?  I am sure that you have studied the photo and are guessing at this as I was. It has your interest perked as mine was when my eyes first caught it.

It is a Bicycle Repair station situated just outside the Main George Street entrance for the Peterborough Square in downtown Peterborough.  Can you imagine?

It is not only good to do Bicycle repairs but also wheel chairs – electric and non-motorized.

On the side there is a Hand Air Pump to attach to any kind of tire.

Inside the unit there are almost all the tools that a person could need with each one secured in place by a steel cable – just so they do not walk off by themselves.

The station is constructed of sturdy steel with the top of it being about 5 feet 6 inches high. At the top there are two rubber coated arms that the bicycle can be placed on to raise it up making repairs easier.

But just in case you don’t know what to do or how to fix your bicycle there is a QR Code that can be clicked on with your Cell Phone (if the Cell Phone has the program) and a Web Site will come on to your screen to show you how to use the tools and how to fix your bike!

As a cyclist I always carry a few tools with me to make any necessary adjustments to my bike.  It was an old fashioned thing to do where I came from. You simply fixed it yourself wherever you were.  I also have an old fashioned carry pack on the front of my bicycle to carry whatever…

My hat goes off to the City and or the Peterborough Square management that has taken this thoughtful step to place this repair station where they have. My hat also goes off to the hidden people who brought the idea forward and convinced someone that this is a GOOD IDEA!

Thank you to all of you!  We cyclists love the extra touch… so do my wheel chair folk. One spoke to me about this and suggested that maybe some day the leadership of the Mall might provide plug ins also to recharge her wheel chair when she travels so far to the downtown area.

Peterborough is moving ahead in remarkable ways.  Thank you so much!

BTW - this is a Dero Product - see reference links below

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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