Monday, July 9, 2012

The Big Day is Today – “Retriement”

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The Big Day is Today – “Retriement”

Yikes – what happened?  Where did that week go?

I have noticed that with retirement the days are flying by even faster.  I also noticed that Retirement can be lived as “Retriement” – I can do it again and it doesn’t matter.  I have time to do just that – try again.

Yesterday as I sat at Lang Pioneer Village people came by the hundreds to speak with me.  We had time to just talk.  Other retirees were loving their days of just being.

My Grandsons were helping me to demonstrate my Spring Pole Lathe and also explain/show off my wood carvings.  People loved it and were fascinated with all that we talked about.
 Murray Lincoln at Lang Pioneer Village with display of Wood Carvings

Below - Jonathan Rourke (Murray's Grandson) operating the Spring Pole Lathe

The men I spoke with told me of their lives that were no full of fun things that they used to have little or no time for.

Now these men (and women) were part of the large Antique and Classic Car Show (the 16th Annual Show at Lang). They had brought their beautiful vehicles and placed them on show for all that attended to see them. (

These folk were amazing to speak with… and to listen to their stories about their old cars – and life in general.  That may be the highest point in the whole day – story telling.

Along with these folks were the visitors to the Lang Pioneer Village that came just to see the old cars and the village.  Many were brand new to both the car show and also the Village… and a number I spoke with were newly retired folk who now have the time to do things like this.

The day was hot but people had come to enjoy as much of this as they possibly could.

As I sat there later in the afternoon I was reflecting on the way that so many retirees had shared their stories.  They loved life. Their working years were great – but this new stage of their lives was even better.

I am thinking that way as well.  These are the best years yet.

But along with the best years comes some of the pain and extra effort needed to get out of bed… and when you do that something that hurt yesterday is still there. It didn’t fall off or go away the night before.

This morning early I realized that I shouldn’t have worked so hard in the pre-retirement days – I did my body in. I should have retired 25 years ago when the body worked better and hurt less!!!

(I also realized that if you fish all day Saturday with two excited grandsons that never quit… you might just pay a little extra the next day to get out of bed!)

Reports have come my way of my “old friends” that are now in the hospital and are likely not going to do much of anything anymore. They are getting ready for the next big step to an assisted living state of mind.

Oh boy!  I gotta get going and do a little more before that next stage of life happens.

Today I am committed to enjoy life to its fullest – one more time.  How about you?

If you haven’t been to Lang Pioneer Village yet – it is open every day… and you will love it!

And if you check out the LPV Web Site for the Lang Pioneer Village special events you will see all the rest that are listed and coming up soon.

Okay my old Body – it is time to “Retriement” for today!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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