Friday, July 27, 2012

Arrrgghh! Not again! House Problems!!! The Red Neck Repair

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Arrrgghh! Not again! House Problems!!! The Red Neck Repair
So guess where I am going first thing this AM?

Yep! Home Depot – my favorite place on earth. Their Moto is “You can do it – we can help!”  And today I have to do it – again.

We have booked a Roof Repair that is coming shortly – in a week or so or maybe a little more. I am really in no hurry but it has to be done and Christmas is only five months away.

Why is this happening?

Well a month or so ago our dining room table had some things laying on it that were a ‘next project’ for me. These things were plain wood bird houses that are going to be decorated for our back yard.  I picked up the bird houses and they were wet!

The table is directly below the chandelier that lights the room up… and sure enough there was water coming down from the chandelier… slowly and making fairly big drips on the table below.

That week we had that huge rain storm with high winds.  The guys at Home Depot told me that their shelves were emptied of the roof patching material as everyone had a problem or two with their roofing.

When he said that I felt a little better.

I did a reasonable job of patching and then arranged for help to get the roof repaired. However… with the very hot weather, and then more rain over the past few days… my patches have let go. More dripping on the table as of last night and again this morning… Arrrgghh! Not again! House Problems!!!

Well what should I do? More roof patching will be done today – outside.  But in a flash I had the answer for inside. My dining room table will never be wet again. I have that solved and should be able to make it to Christmas or even longer.

My wife isn’t out of bed yet to see the way that I was able to brilliantly solve our problem. I am bursting at the seams to tell her how smart I am.  I know she will just love it… kind of… I think… maybe…

Maybe I will just let her sleep and then see if she can spot the repair later today. Hmmm?

Now if every man thought the way that I did a lot more could be done to keep stuff out of our landfill sites, You can incorporate it into the décor.

What am I getting at…? Well that was my build up to letting you actually see the repair job guys.

The only thing you need to repair this leaking ceiling is a chair and the ability to stand on the table top.  And Bingo it is all done.

What do you think?  Will she love it or not?  I think she will be so impressed that on the next Father’s Day I will get another card that refers to my insane ability to repair things!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Brenda said...

That's a riot Murray!! Is it still there??? I can just Hear Alida!
Very clever though.

Anonymous said...

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Becca@Roofing Melbourne said...

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