Friday, July 20, 2012

Here is too Excitement and Anticipation

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Here is too Excitement and Anticipation

Yesterday I asked the question, “What makes you happy?”.

Today I want to tell you about excitement and anticipation.  All of us have experienced these two marvelous emotions in our lives.

I felt "excitement and anticipation" when I was getting ready to attend my Wedding Ceremony in Regina, Saskatchewan on September 9, 1967 at 10:30 AM in the Carmichael United Church.

Alida and I had been dating for 5 years.  I loved this gal and was committed to spending the rest of my life with her.  And at the start of the summer of 1967, with only a few months left before the big day… I FOUND IT HARD TO CONCENTRATE! My excitement and anticipation was over the top!

I wanted to tell everyone about what I was about to do.  I did tell many that I worked with and for.  There was a lot of teasing and many questions if I really knew what I was doing!!!  Some of the heaviest advice came from guys that wanted to be unmarried… but that was balanced by words of encouragement from guys that loved their marriages.

On September 7th I arrived in Regina by Air Canada.  Alida had it all planned and ready – all I had to do was show up.

That evening I was driving my mother’s VW on one of the larger streets in Regina and slowed to a stop before turning right at the lights.  The minute that I turned on the red light a policeman was behind us with his lights flashing.  What in the world was wrong!?

In Saskatchewan you couldn’t turn on a Red Light at that time. It was different from Province to Province.

I gave the Policeman my license and explained that I had just arrived from Quebec and that I was getting married on Saturday and that I was more than a little bit excited and that I guess that I knew that I shouldn’t be turning on a Red Light and that I was deeply sorry…. Babble – Babble – Babble….

He smiled at me and told me that he was just warning me… and that he wished me “Good Luck” with the ceremony coming up… “Have a nice evening” he said as he returned to his vehicle.

Excitement and anticipation can get you into trouble if you are not careful!!!

This week our home is filled with excitement and anticipation!

My youngest sister’s son is heading to London England to take part in these Olympic Games.  His name is Zach Bell and he rides his bicycle for the Canadian Team.

You can read about Zach Bell in this great article by the North Shore News in Vancouver click here North Van Duo racing to London

Zach also rode in the Olympics in Beijing, China four years ago.

Zach cannot let excitement and anticipation mess up this opportunity.

Zach is married to Rebecca and together they are expecting their “first cyclist”. Not too much excitement for these two. Oh boy!

But think for a minute how dull your life would be if you didn’t have a little excitement and anticipation!

I need excitement and anticipation to get the job done!  I need excitement and anticipation to take on the next challenge.  I am ready with my excitement and anticipation – for whatever it might be next.

You can’t!
You won’t!
You had better watch out for…! 
You are too old! 
You are too young!
You are useless at what you do!

All of these statements can kind of level me – if I listen to them.  But God gave me excitement and anticipation to get me away from and ahead of the Negative People that see no water in the Glass.

I might not have water in the Glass right now… It might not be half full or half empty – BUT I HAVE THE GLASS AND AM READY TO GET TO THE WATER SOURCE!

Here’s to excitement and anticipation!!!! Go for it my friend!  What do you have to lose… or who do you have to lose? Nothing and no one!

Because of excitement and anticipation – we will be celebrating our 45th Anniversary this coming September!  And this next week is our 50th year of dating!  Wahoo!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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