Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finding your own Isolation - a Quiet Spot

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Finding your own Isolation - a Quiet Spot

The poster states one word… “Isolation”. The photo on the poster was what stopped me dead.  “Can you imagine?” was my first thought.  The poster designer certainly caught my attention.

The one thing that is for sure – rush hour traffic would be a dream come true on this Island.

There are times when the idea of living far away from everyone is something that I have pondered.  The idea of having no one living next door or behind me is appealing at times.

On the weekends many of my friends leave the city to go out to their cottage or trailer… where their next door neighbor is closer to them than they are in the city. When they ‘burp’ (or whatever) you hear it through the thin walls.  When the dog barks or the baby cries you wake up.

That isn’t isolation.

But back to the poster… when the person needs something to fix something – how far is Home Depot or Rona(in Canada)?

When they need a cup of sugar or something to make the cake – who do you ask? Which door would you knock on for help?  Who would you share the coffee and cake with?

If you suddenly need an ambulance how might they get to your road and how long would it take?

Isolation to me doesn’t really make my want it more… when I see the photo.

But I would love to see the low mileage on this car… how many times back and forth would it take to make One Mile?

This is Sunday morning… a time to ponder deep and wonderful thoughts that you have no time for from Monday to Saturday.

I hope you find some isolation in your small world today. I hope you find a place where you can shut out the whole world that is noisy and full.  I wish for you isolation without a small road and no one around you.

This morning early our back yard was full of quiet. It was immersed in stillness.  It was baptized with a gentle peace.  It was wonderful.

Now it is time for breakfast and more quiet time outside.  Have a good one today wherever it might be!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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