Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Terrible Fire has taken a toll – I fear our friend’s home was burned up

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A Terrible Fire has taken a toll – I fear our friend’s home was burned up
I was stunned last evening when my friend sent me a note via ‘text messaging” that the Co-op Housing near where he lives was on fire.  At that stage the fire had been burning for a bit but not yet burned out – or as far as it would go later.

I have not yet heard from my friend and I don’t know if it is the place he lives in.  I am worried for them for sure!

Last evening there were 34 units that burned up completely from what I read this morning – see Fire destroys most of 34-unit Leta Brownscombe Co-Operative Homes apartment building 

I have been in this housing development when I served as a Minister in that area.  This was a good area to live and very helpful to the people that lived there.

The units were built from a wood frame construction with siding on the outside.  Added to this some of the units are side by side – in a row with no space between.  Other units are multi leveled – like an apartment building. It would not take much for the fire to consume this building from what I have seen.

How terrible!

In the last few days our weather has been so hot we can’t find cool places to be in.  Our home thermometer was telling us that the outside temperature on our side deck area was 37 Degrees Celsius – it even made breathing uncomfortable.  There was no cool air to take in.

Add to that the humidity has been high and our bodies cannot find the comfort it needs.

My mom is usually cold – or feels the cold with the temperature around her. In this weather she has suffered along with the rest of us.  She finds a relatively cooler spot in front of a fan and then reads her book.

Last evening was uncomfortable for us… but not nearly as uncomfortable as it was for our friends in the north end of Peterborough from the Fire destroyed most of 34-unit Leta Brownscombe Co-Operative Homes apartment building.

Today I will think of them often… and be very concerned for the friends that I have living there.  Think of Kevin, Julie and Jessica today and pray for them.  This is going to be very difficult for all involved.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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