Saturday, June 30, 2012

Running from Home to the Cottage Peace and Quiet

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Running from Home to the Cottage Peace and Quiet
This weekend in Canada is a celebration to say the least.  Everyone does their escape from what they normally do.

Our highways will be jammed full of people running from the city they live in and heading to some sort of vacation spot. I dare say that many will also head out on their annual holiday destinations talking time away from work.

Where do they all go?

In our area, as beautiful as it is, everyone – the locals – seems to leave for somewhere.  By Friday the streets were less full than they were doing the days before. 

The people on our block have headed out to a quiet place beside their favorite lake I am sure.  Our street was dead last night – so quiet you could hear a pin fall.

I was speaking to a friend of mine on Thursday evening. Immediately after we met he was on his way to his trailer which is situated beside a small lake.  It is really a camping spot out in the country away from the city.

The problem is that everyone from the city has run to similar lakes and the guy simply gets a whole bunch of new neighbors for the weekend that live closer to him than they do in the city.

You can hear when your neighbour burps or makes other sounds. Unless you go to bed at the same time you will not sleep well.

We choose to stay home. Our community becomes so quiet that we get what they all are looking for, peace and quiet.

Oh our stores will be full as the people from the larger city of Toronto flood into our area to find peace and quiet. They still need to buy groceries and stuff for their cottages.  Kind of funny again – we all get new neighbours from the much bigger city shopping and living closer to us – and we all escaped the bigger city to come here!

Does anyone remember the Nomads? They were people that packed up everything then moved to a new site.  Then unhappy there they then did the same thing again and again.

Gypsy or travellers are another group that do the same.  They move all the time.  Long ago (and even now in some places) people despised them… now we all do the same.  Really funny actually.

Staying put has its advantages.  Our area is beautiful, which is the reason that so many flood into this city and area for the special things that we have.

Today I am featuring some more photos that I shot a few nights ago at sunset. The Little Lake fountain is my main focus in each shot – with the sun setting behind it.  We were on our bicycles as we came upon the magic of our Lake.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

Peterborough's Little Lake fountain and our sunset on June 27, 2012

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1 comment:

Susan McKenzie said...

I share your love for Canada!

My family used to vacation in the Lake of Bays (Baysville, ON) every July. Those were the best weeks of our year :)

The water in those lakes is pretty cold, though!

Stunning photos, Murray!