Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Huge Problem with my Zero Gravity Chair

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The Huge Problem with my Zero Gravity Chair
So here is the problem… I have GREAT DIFFICULTY sitting in a Zero Gravity Chair/Anti-Gravity Chair!

My friend Brenda mentioned to me that she thinks their Zero Gravity Chair has caused them problems as well.

But our problems are not the same… I am afraid.

The minute I sit in one my eyes go closed and I am a goner. I can be to asleep in seconds… and even in the store as we were trying them out I was gone.  My wife asked me a question and that hit home just before I was nodding off… which then jerked me back to reality.  YOU ARE SITTING IN THIS THING – IN A STORE! Wake UP!!!

Now there is a problem with the chair and the old body that I have. If I leave this old body laying or sitting in the same position too long it tends to stiffen up and even freeze up.

The joints that I possess now are all kind of creaky and well just plain older than they used to be. If I sit too long it takes a few minute getting up and out of that chair.

A few weeks ago in the park as we sat in our chairs I was out of there – zip I went to sleep in two heart beats!

I awoke to find that all the people around me had changed and gone home… and a whole new batch of new neighbors had moved in beside us.

Oh Boy!  I wonder if my snoring with that deep sleep had sent my neighbor’s out of the park?  I distinctly remember waking to one of my inglorious snorts as I gasp for breath at that moment…. Then I looked around to see if anyone was laughing.

(Having that inglorious snort keeps me awake during church – because of the possibility of the snort waking others in church too!)

Possessing the ability to instantly sleep – anywhere… is a treasure or sorts.  You can easily pick up needed or lost sleep at any moment.

Putting my body into the Zero Gravity Chair is dangerous.  I am gone and out very quickly… and while away I need to trust those around me. If my wife is there she will protect me… if she isn’t you could walk away with anything I have of value and rob me blind. I am so not there!!!

In my rough calculations I estimate that my body has had 297,840 movements multiplied by the number of joints in my body that move in 12 hour session of being awake.  My calculations is this… 68 years old X 365 Days of each year = 24,820 days – moving for roughly 12 hours a day = 297,840 – with all of my 106 bones having a joint between them… 31,571,040 interactive movements or MORE!

Putting this tired body in a Zero Gravity Chair is dangerous.

Has my post today made you tired?  Really?  Go find a chair and sit down… head back… feet up… deep breath… good night… IT IS THAT EASY!

Have a good one!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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