Sunday, November 18, 2012

What does your name Mean? Why did they call you that?

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What does your name Mean?  Why did they call you that?
Have you thought of ‘why your mother and or father named you what they did’?

I mean personally, “Why did they call me Murray and then Ross… which was added to Lincoln to make me. And with that name it kind of affected where and what I did. I am sure of it!

Right from the start I was different. There never was any Murray-s in any of my classes in public school or high school.  It wasn't until after college and university that I met another Murray.  Murray was a name that came from somewhere before 1944 and my mom likely picked it up – or maybe it was my dad. They wanted something unusual because they expected to have that happen with me.

My name means something to do with sailors and liking to travel the world… maybe it sounds like the spray that slid from or by the bow of a sailing ship???

Well things are about to change again… baby’s names are coming from other sources that people are affected by.

For example “Katniss”, “Tris”, “Finnick”, “Rue”,  “Aria”, “Renesmee” all names from famous books and/or movies of today.

Can you imagine a teacher doing an attendance check at school that first day and calling out “Rue” or “Katniss” and then wondering who will stand up in class?

It has changed the way that I think and am – my name at least.  My name is signed “M. R. Lincoln” or for short “Mr. Lincoln” commending respect for me when I was just a baby.  So it should be – BTW! Ahem!

Check out some of the Web Sites like  and there I am at Sea Warrior, Lives by the Sea, Lord of the sea, Sailor, From the sea – ancient Scot

I smiled today as the next generation comes into their own.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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