Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angus T. Jones tells the TV Show to stick it – then apologizes - whoa

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Angus T. Jones tells the TV Show to stick it – then apologizes - whoa
For years I have witnessed the conflict between the ‘Church’ and ‘Hollywood’. It was evident that the content of many Movies and Television collided with the church’s standards.  Over all the years the two have coexisted side by side. The ‘Churchmen’ stopped taking on the “Hollywood men”. It was an endless battle that no one would win.

There was time when Church People would never darken the door of a Theatre let alone have TV in their home.  But that time is long gone.

You need to know as you read this over that I used to be a ‘Churchman’ working in churches and holding the standard high.  I still know the standard but am not having to be a ‘standards policeman’ inside the church.

But this morning a story caught my eye out of Hollywood.  It seems that the battle is on again between the two factions… church and TV…!

It happened when young Angus T. Jones challenged the system and tried to walk away.  Angus is only 19 years old. And he has been one of the ‘stars’ of the “Two and a Half men” or better now known as “Men”.

And people are in a flap because of what Angus has done. It seems that Angus has got religion and has a new found Faith.  And in this new Faith Position Angus has openly decried the TV show that he is acting as “filth”.

With his open declaration using YouTube he addressed millions of fans that have followed him and the show.  Then the video was pulled.

Well… can you imagine?!  The TV Show people have been all over the dude and so have reporters.  How dare he have an opinion about something that is so… vital to TV??!!!

First off I want to say, not acting as ‘standards police’ within the church or outside… taking the role completely away from what I am about to say… the TV Show is crap… filth and I wouldn’t want my grandkids watching this kind of thing - AT ALL.  I personally skip it whenever it appears on my TV screen and move on by to something less corrupted… for my own sake.

And the TV Empire knows that it is not good… and sells it as not good openly and honestly.  They are very honest about the fact that one man on the show sleeps with anyone he can. It is very honest that the other man wishes he could do what the other guy does (and sometimes actually beds a beauty).  It is also very honest that a smart mouth kid lives in this kind atmosphere… and that the kid is quick witted and smart… knowing more than his own father about women and sex.

I may not have caught the entire drift of what happens on this TV Show – because I DO NOT LIKE IT NOR DO I WATCH IT!

No Angus has stood up to what he feels he no longer can take… and he is walking away.

The reported $350,000 contract that he has and is paid per episode will be over in a few months.  Angus is walking away from that.

What a contrast for the show.  But I bet you that they pick up on this and show Angus getting religion and joining a cult of some sort… having a hoot over the religious nut cases that have stolen the character from TV.

In the one article that I read it stated that – quote
“ ‘Two and a Half Men’ teen actor angus T. Jones, who caused a media furor by calling his own show “filth,”  apologized on Tuesday for disrespecting the creator, cast and crew of the raunchy TV Comedy.” End quote.

Can you imagine apologizing to all these important people for telling the truth about what they already know!!?

As I read this over I can hardly believe what this 19 year old has done.  He couldn’t take it anymore and walked away – but made lots of noise about it as he did.

This is a “WOW” moment for me personally.  I can believe that he has done this and suspect that others have had the same feeling but the money is just too good.

The link to the story is shown below.  Read it and shake your head.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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