Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wow Moment when I met Chooka Parker today

My Wow Moment when I met Chooka Parker today
This morning early I was deeply moved when I met “Chooka James Parker” for the first time by a short video.

Chooka James Parker comes from Red Lion which way out in the middle of no where in Australia.  According to reports there is now television or computers where he lives.

He is a farm hand and has been home schooled by his mom.  His father bought him piano which Chooka simply taught himself to play.

He simply makes up his music each time he sits to play. He plays what he feels. Can you believe that?!?

I couldn’t believe it either until I started watching the number of videos that have been posted about this guy and his piano playing.

By the way he is only 16 when he appeared on “Australia’s Got Talent”.

This morning was a WOW! Moment for me.  I offer these links to let you hear more of what Chooka does.  Enjoy.

Go to YouTube and search his name – lots more to see there.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Chooka Parker said...

G'day mate! :)
Chooka here - thanks so much for that story ya did it meant a lot. I got the internet after the show to get me website and facebook to update everyone. But still haven't got a telly! Nah we used to use that old thing as a mouse box :D
~Oh by the way just to let ya know the website is actually a fake website, & yep is my official site. & here's a quick link to my youtube and Facebook ~
Good on ya, catch ya round :)
Chooka Parker

Murray Lincoln said...

Thanks Chooka.. gotcha... and made the changes to the Blog Post - plus I found your Facebook and pointed my Friends to you Facebook Page.

Murray Lincoln