Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am tired of the Political Circus – how about you?

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I am tired of the Political Circus – how about you?
I try my hardest to stay out of ‘political stuff’ but there are times when you cannot sit down and say no more. Yet if I say something locally I could be jeopardizing my own situation in the community. I don’t dare touch the local things.

But I am aghast at the Toronto situation with the Mr. Mayor Ford and Mr. Foulidis, a restaurant owner that operates his business in the Beaches area of Toronto.  In an article Royson James – “Foulidis suit offers painful lessons about democracy” he clearly offers the diagram of what has happened so far in this circus of events in Toronto.

I have not only followed the print media on this topic but also the Air Waves – Radio and TV.  I have listened to Mr. Mayor of the Radio and heard the quotes that are in the Print Media – the ones that Royson James refers to.  When I drive long distances I listened to “babble radio” and like as not Mr. Mayor and his brother will fill some time for my traffic numb mind.

The situation between these two parties is being looked at in court this week with a $6 Million lawsuit going on right now.

Yesterday Mr. Fuolidis had his time on the stand telling how he felt and what Mr. Mayor’s words have done to him and his family.

Mr. Mayor should be on the stand today but he cannot because he has to coach the Team of High School Football players later this afternoon.  And nothing is more important to him than his football team that he is the head coach of for these past few years.  The entire city of 3 Million plus people can go jump in the Don River – or suffer whatever and their top dog, Mr. Mayor can avoid whatever he wants to – by just telling people he is not available.

BUT tomorrow, November 16, 2012, will be his day in court when and where he will tell his side of the accusations that are leveled against him by Mr.Foulidis… maybe…

What does it matter to any person outside of Toronto? 

Who cares? 

Toronto’s Mr. Mayor’s words were all part of the circus called Democracy. You know the circus that comes to town ever few years seeking new circus acts for their and from their city.  And everyone knows that the circus performers only say some silly things to get the job in the circus.  They don’t really mean what they as actors on the circus stage say… They might slip a little bit and say something at that moment that they really didn't mean. It might have been mean and hurtful to someone – but hey – someone like Foulidis should know that IT IS A CIRCUS and Clowns in the Circus are real people below the paint and whoopla... they don’t really mean it.

Well Mr. Foulidis didn't care about Clowns or what the Clowns do for a living.  And when the most important and funniest Clown started to attack his business saying that Foulidis had paid bribes under the table... it hit home big time.

Yep I sure am glad that I don’t live in Toronto and only have to travel there once in a while.

We have our own circus outside the city.  And our circus has its own humour.  One of our clown players has stated that our Police Chief has had a humongous raise of over 40% in his time in office since 2008. I think that is what I caught on the local Print Media yesterday. But you can never really tell if it was a joke that city clowns was saying of if it was true.

But that is another kind of circus joke among many that is being stated out loud.  No one knows if it is true or not… likely a joke that someone didn't mean. 

On the side, the Police Chiefs for a long time have had decent salaries – that keeps them from having to get money under the table from other clowns that want things their way.

Come on wake up people.  The Biker Gangs will soon be here and they have no qualms about raising a salary here or there.

Now you can see why I don’t usually get into politics or close enough to smell it.  Yep – smell it. When the elephant from the circus poops – you smell it.

I am tired of the circus acts that go on and clowns need to be careful what they say because people tend to believe it… then a lawsuit comes along… and bingo!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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