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Not struggling any longer with the way that we look

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A great moustache and chops...
Not struggling any longer with the way that we look

Do you remember back to a time when ‘real men’ had the buttons undone on their shirts to let people see the hair on their chest?  You know guys like Tom Selleck, Robert Redford and Burt Reynolds – that were hairy and let it be seen.

Then a time like now comes along and new products that guarantee men(and women) can remove body hair almost indefinitely. The Product that I see on TV all the time is ‘No No’ that seems to burn each and every hair from your body.  No – I have not tried it but rather listened closely to the ads on TV.  You can get in by calling the FREE NUMBER on the TV screen or going to the Mall and the TV Store to buy the $200+ item.

It must work or the price wouldn’t be that high.

And there must be a market or someone would not be making a gazillion dollars on a hair burner.

Away back in University I shared a room with a guy that was hairless. His name was Bruce.  I was also relatively hairless too. We made a good pair and keeping the room clean was easier than our friend Bill that was so hairy that it was gross.  It was more gross for Bruce than me… he hated hairy people.

Bill learned of Bruce’s aversion to hair and proceeded to bug Bruce to no end.  As he came into our room he looked a Bruce closely and then began to reach in his shirt – looking for something… Bruce became agitated to the max…! With one quick motion Bill jerked his hand from within his shirt and pulled out a hand-full of his chest hair… lifted Bruce’s blankets on his bed and threw it inside his sheets.
(I have no idea who this is...! But he looks like Bill did)

Gross – absolutely gross!  Bruce went ballistic and Bill died laughing. Bill never ever did that to me – just to Bruce.  It was hilarious how Bruce flew into a silly rage with the hair in his bed and spent over an hour taking his bed apart and shaking the sheets out to rid them of the long, curly and black hairs.

Man hair… grunt, grunt… woot woot woof woof!  Arghwooo? All man – hairy man… and hairy man is good!!! Right?

Not so much today.  In the drug store – and the cosmetics section there is a huge increase of products for men to make them prettier, help them be softer and smoother, make them smell better and be all round less of a hairy mutt – moving him into the new nice, soft and tame person he should be.

Whoah!  Who in the world established the norm for men?  And what man in his right mind thinks that it is okay to have another man or woman tell you what you should be????

Apparently a lot of men… because a lot of men follow what they should be doing… by listening to people that think we should be this way or that way!!!

Away back in my earliest working career I started with the ‘National Cash Register’ company that was also known as ‘NCR’ – the new name for the vast array of computers and business machines that they produced. The old idea of a cash register being the only thing that they did was dropping off rapidly when I worked for them – the new world of computers had taken over.

At ‘NCR’ there was a strict dress code that was enforced by the management team. If you varied from the dress code you would possibly lose out on promotions and raises.

The dress code included a full suit – jacket and pants, white shirt and dark tie, dark socks and dark leather dress shoes.  You could not have sideburns nor a beard… and no moustache of any kind. Your hair also had to be cut regularly and if it touched the collar of your shirt you were told to get it cut.

Sounds like the military doesn’t it?  Nope, not military at all.  It was part of the business world that we worked in.

And it was specially part of ‘National Cash Register’ from the 1880s!  John H. Paterson had made that rule as he built the company at that time to set his men aside as ‘professionals’ from other rapscallions that frequented business of the day… all of which had a moustache and possibly beards… and without a beard they had big mutton chop sideburns.

Many of the men of that day were rascals and dishonest in every way. Paterson’s men were to look different and if you wanted to work for him – you had to dress as he said to dress.

I began to work with ‘NCR’ in late 1965.  I was told what to wear and what not to wear.  And we were told why – ‘because the founder of the company had established these guide lines and they had set the employees aside as business people’.

Can you imagine that?  85 years after the old guy said men had to dress like that and get haircuts like that and have no beards or moustache… they obeyed… we obeyed… I obeyed and did exactly what I should do!!????

I just answered my own questions related to someone telling me how to dress and act.

I refuse to change in anyway now. I am now clean shaven… and do not sport a stubble or short beard look. I don’t like a chin whisker or the little lower lip hairthingie… I am what John H. Patterson made in the 1880s and 1960s… and don’t try to change it!

Yesterday in a kind of ‘senior’s restaurant’ kind of place where there were nothing but seniors like us… an old guy came in with his grey haired chin/lower lip thing growing profusely. No not a goatee… not a lower lip hairthingie… but hair from his lip down to the end of his chin.  Not sure what you call it.

If a moustache is called a cookie duster his was a plate cleaner… or something???

There is no good reason that any man in his right mind would wear that kind of thing on his face.  But some woman or a movie convinced him that it would possibly be good for his image – or something. A kind of ‘branding’ of his person was taking place.  What a nut case… and the rest of the old guys saw the dude… weird man… just plain weird.

Everyone looked at him… but no one looked at the rest of the guys… oh boy.

If I was to change… and that is an ‘if’ and possibly do the stubble beard thing… at my age I would look like a ‘street person’.  If I let the goatee grow and trim my moustache toe suit that look… I would have to go back to school again and that isn’t going to happen too soon.  And a beard… or just a moustache is just too much work to try that one again.

I am happy being me… older now… white hair… shaved clean every day… and now very wrinkled wearing no moisture cream nor other smelly stuff.

Just happy being me – a grandpa that is always the same… and smiling from ear to ear – the other dude or duds are still looking for the ideal look.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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