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Teenager Football Games – Its Cold and Mayor Rob Ford

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Teenager Football Games – Its Cold and Mayor Rob Ford

On Friday afternoon my wife and I attended a Football Game at Crestwood High School where our Grandson’s team from Adam Scott were playing. It is an exciting game and fun to watch.

The tension at the game was great in that these two teams are rivals. Crestwood is a triple A Team (and school) – meaning their school has a larger number of students than Adam Scott. This puts them into a larger (and tougher) football league. Adam Scott is still a double A Team coming from a supposedly smaller school.

The two teams have played for the rights to be the top team in the Kawartha area…even though their teams are from different levels.

Our Adam Scott team came very close to winning and at one point it looked like they would win.

Typical things happened at the game. Two kids were hurt – one taken to the hospital by ambulance. One helped off the field. 

The Ambulance kid – was from Crestwood…
The Helped off the field kid – my grandson.  Oh boy. My grandson is okay(I think) he walked off the field.  He was blasted by another blocker at the edge of the field that put his full weight into a lawn chair some dear little lady was sitting on. The lady had escaped but the lawn chair died – and my grandson was very angry at the chair!!  Sideline injuries are not uncommon with anxious parents and grandparents leaning into to see what is happening.

High School football is a hardy game… and requires good coaching.  It requires a good teacher and or volunteers.

Yesterday at the game for my grandson there were at least two Scouts for two Universities – Laurier and Queens.  Football is a big deal for these families and being offered further education from a top University is a really big deal!!

Why write this information and personal experience for you to read and think about?

IN TORONTO on Thursday afternoon there was another football game between two high schools as well.  It was a cold afternoon with a light rain falling and a strong wind blowing.

The game was important to these high school kids as well.  Likely because they are one of the winning teams in all of Toronto and because there well could be University Scouts at their games as well, there is some anxious moments for one team.

The difference is that this Football Team has a rather high profile Coach – the Mayor of Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford.  Whoa!

On that cold afternoon, at that game, things got out of hand towards the end of the game it was reported. There was a fight. One report said it was between the Coach(es) and the Referees from the School that Mayor Ford`s team was visiting. Other reports seemed to indicate that the potential was for the teens to get into it as well.

The students from the school they were visiting were hustled off the field.

The visiting Team, Mayor Rob`s team, was left in the cold – literally. The team bus was to arrive somewhere around 4:30 PM – but this interruption happened earlier… and the team was not going inside to wait.

A phone call was either made by the school officials or a police officer that was at the game. A bus was taken out of service and the passengers that were on it were told to leave the bus and wait for the next one to come along.

At the school more police officers arrived along with the re-routed bus to pick up the kids.

So what is the problem?  It seems like a good thing that was done? Right?

Nope. The reporters and the City Councillors where Mayor Ford works – at City Hall were waiting on Mayor Ford to return. He had taken two hours off because of his team… and the trouble happened – perhaps adding to his time… Oh Boy. The Mayor is now in more HOT WATER – because he helps his Footballs Team.

Everyone is going to get the Mayor Rob Ford for his actions this week.

As I read all of the stuff that is happening to him and around him… I don’t think that I have ever heard of… or witnessed a man that gets into more Hot Water than he does.

I take my hat off to Mayor Ford for sticking to his guns in most things. He may not be right – but he is consistent.

If I was a Grandparent of a kid on his team (or a parent) – I would be thankful that some one cared enough about my Teenager to not leave them at the side of the Football field – freezing and getting sick.

Lighten up reporters – where is your human side of what you write?

If you don’t like Mayor Rob Ford – you only need to wait a little longer and you can simply oust him with your vote.

A few cities around Toronto are planning to do just that – the next time around.  Some Mayors are useless.  Some Mayors are bullies. Other Mayors are incompetent. Others well… they just should never have applied for the job… all of us know that – but not one of us want that silly job where you will be shot at – all the time and you can never make anyone happy – ever!!

Good Luck Rob Ford – Good Luck!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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