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Dealing with complicated life situations while in Business

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Dealing with complicated life situations while in Business
Have you ever had a time when the whole world seems to collapse around you?

It happened again and is happening right now to many people that I know in my circle of friends.  It seems that a whole lot of really difficult and upsetting things are happening to some people that I know very well… and it is all falling down around them.

Yet I am standing okay. It is not having an effect on me… at least I don’t think it is. Hmmm?  Am I numb to what is happening or maybe ‘the old me’ just kicked into high gear again in order to cope.

Strange intro to this post I know…

In my past I have served as a Minister and in that role I was constantly listening to people problems and people’s problems. That is either directly or indirectly hearing from complicated lives and situations.  I simply coped with it. I built a reserve in myself to listen to some of the worst stories ever… and then moved on.

For four years I have been away from this stuff.  I have been able to shut down the ‘care mobile’ that I had developed in my life. I stayed away from stuff that happened to other people around me in order to build a new world and business.  I was free… almost.

At this moment I am dealing with the following…
·         * The death of my friend’s 22 year old daughter-in-law…leaving a 2 ½ year old bright little boy
·         * The reaction of my friend’s son and the likelihood that he will be in jail before the funeral of his young wife takes place…
·         * The hatred and violence threatened by the son… and the parents of the young lady that died…
·         * The fact that most of them are on drugs and heavily addicted…
·         * In another family… the final twists and turns of a very nasty marriage break up where ‘she’ found a lover in another City and ‘he’ lost almost everything financially trying to cope with what ‘she’ did… and ‘she’ did this because of what ‘she’ thinks is a spiritual thing to do… “God directed her???”
·         * AND… the second ‘he’ in ‘she’s’ life is very likely involved with some very strange and dangerous under world characters…
·         * And yes there are children involved…
·         * Two more friends that are married to each other – that have both experienced strokes within the same month…
And the list goes on…

No wonder I used to feel numb because I listened to so much.

I listened for the last three days and don’t feel the numbness anymore.  I am trying to figure out if that is a good thing bad thing.

Going about my daily business at Misty Hollow is a pure pleasure. I realize now that I am free to the old feelings.  I no longer have to make everyone better or make sure that everyone is happy and doing better each moment of their life.

I do care but I am not responsible.

I realize that through this week the horror of the confused lives around me are not my problems.

In most cases, ‘God’ has been working for years to try and help these folks.  And they simply refuse help and get worse.  I know now that if ‘God’ seems to have trouble with what he is dealing with – I cannot expect much success either.

Sorry if this sounds too terribly gloomy but I am human.  I can and will be affected by what is happening around me.

Today I choose to stand up and walk away from the stuff that is crippling and hurtful. As much as I care - I can’t.  I will listen but can do no more.

Does it have an effect on my business?  Yes I am afraid it does. Instead of working I just want to curl up and stay in bed… away from the phone and the life that is pressing out there and hurting so many people.

But today is going to be better. I am going to church in a few minutes to spend some more time with ‘Jesus’. He has now wearing a brand new coat and hair colour and skin colour.  In fact ‘Jesus’ is looking real good. The quietness of that church each time I am there alone with ‘Jesus’ is a powerful release for me.

For some of you that have not heard… I am refurbishing and restoring a very old statue at a Catholic Church in our city.  And before the second Sunday of December he will be transported to his new pedestal at the front of the church. The people of the church are excited and so am I.

Gotta run… ‘Jesus’ is waiting on me…

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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