Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old White Men in Politics are not good anymore – the Republican Downfall

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Old White Men in Politics are not good anymore – the Republican Downfall
Last evening I watched all of “The Agenda” on TVO – television. The show was about the US election. You can listen to it via an audio clip(podcast) at “2012 Us Election Reaction” (look for this title in days following this post.

This has to be the best assortment of commentary for some very well versed people across all the spectrums of political opinions.

As I listened to the reasons that were offered by the panel – that the Republicans and Mitt Romney lost the election – it was fascinating to hear and think about.

Basically the thing that stands out is that Barack Obama and his group listened to the New America and saw the changing American People. Mitt Romney and his supporters listened only to older white men – men 65 years and older.  These men by the way all have a lot more money than the New American people. The New American people could be Black, Latino, Asian, and Aboriginal(not new American but rather original Americans).

The New American people all supported Mr. Obama in a solid way… with percentages in the Latino group being 72% for Obama and 27% against.

The one fact that stood out for me went back to the one embarrassing convention where Clint Eastwood came on to the Republican Stage and made a complete ass of himself.  You may have seen the one where he is talking to the empty chair the President Obama was supposed to be sitting on… Dear OLD CLINT, 82 years old, said some really stupid things and then finished it with “Go ahead make my day!” statement that he is so well known for.

Dear OLD CLINT is the poster boy for the white, 65 year old and older guys in the USA. His movie persona says and does things that OLD WHITE MEN in the USA wished they could – but they no longer can.  And OLD WHITE MEN in the USA are dropping dead faster than the New American populations are growing.

If the Republican Party ever intends to win again they have to change their strategies and stop talking the way that they do. They scare people silly.  They also offend way more than they impress.

Whoa! That was a good program to say the least.  You have got to listen to it.

Will they ever recover – the Republican Party that is???

The pendulum swings and people change.  Four more years from now Mr. Obama will also be a retiree.  He will make way more money as a speaker about Politics than a speaker in Politics.

This will be a very interesting time for all of us.

Back in Canada…. Well Mr. Stephen Harper and his crew are the Canadian ‘Republicans’ which are called Conservatives here.  And if they do not see the hand writing on the wall they are also doomed to the next party lower.

The Canadians have given the Liberals their vote of displeasure last time and also have given the Conservatives the mandate. But if you allow the New Canadian – young and old the right to be heard – the Liberals will win.  Tell everyone that you meet that an old, white and over 65 told you so.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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