Monday, November 5, 2012

Dealing with a 50 Day schedule – Christmas 2012

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Dealing with a 50 Day schedule – Christmas 2012

Yesterday I realized again that I am heading down another homestretch.  The Fall Season is over, Halloween is done… and poof there is Christmas staring me in the face. Oh No!

There are only 50 days until Christmas day.  And even less if you are preparing items for Christmas – or that people have ordered for Christmas. If you are in business the buzz right now is so loud it is impossible to think.

Balance that out with a need to stay creative and not give into mundane production times… where you do the same things over and over again.  Where the artist gets buried by the factory work and everything tips over… with you never wanting to see that product again until next year.

Last night I came to that point when making the New Tatted Lace pieces that I have created. There are some shows coming up that I have to have something to sell.  But now things have sold and there is not quite enough products ready.  The action word is “Scramble” – the action and reaction is panic along with sore hands again.

No complaints here… because all of it means some success and forward motion. It is definitely better than the recession mode of a few years ago.  It is definitely better than doing nothing or quitting as some of my friends have had to do.

My business mentor had warned me that the Artistic Type of business would have trouble sometimes making a go of it. I hate to admit but it was true specially when harder times came along. Staying focused even though nothing was happening was huge issue with al artists.

I live in a world where a whole lot of things are about to happen but yet it is slow at the moment… THEN BANG… it happens all of a sudden.  Way more than I expected or even prepared for at the time starts to zoom up to me.

Not complaining… just groaning a little. I need to get up a little earlier and move a little quicker.  But at this moment it feels so good to stay in bed a little longer and move slower.  Age?  Maybe.

Sheesh – stop writing about it and get to work!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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