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Taxing People that are the Bad Guys or the Ones causing trouble

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Taxing People that are the Bad Guys or the Ones causing trouble
What a unique idea to raise local specific taxes to pay for Policing in their community!

In Swan River, Manitoba the Town Council is discussing the idea that an added or extra Tax be placed on Booze to help pay for the added police costs each year.

They say that most of the Police work and effort is put into alcohol related offenses or problems. So why shouldn’t the problem area pay for the problem?  What a great idea!

You can read about this story from the Winnipeg Free Press at Town wants booze tax to pay for RCMP”

The proposal is to charge a little extra on each bottle or case sold and then place that local tax directly into the city’s coffers to help with their policing budget.  It is a great idea!

I have been in Swan River many times and know that area well.  There would be one small problem with the idea that I have imagined – people could well drive to another town and buy their stuff there.  Or they ‘load up’ in another town drive back for trouble in Swan River. There are lots of possibilities.

The problem locally is that Policing costs are increasing right across our country. The local city councillors have to keep raising taxes to pay for the additional Police Services.

In Peterborough our “City Fathers” are battling this issue each year now. The City Police come to them each year with an added or increased budget list.  The City Council objects and they do battle over this – over and over again. Our Mayor is kind of the ‘Thunder Stick’ and takes it up personally. He sometimes says and does things that show his great displeasure with our Police service.  Not a cool thing to do in my mind.

He or ‘they’ as City Councillors have threatened to get the Provincial Police into take over the Police Service. Of course they all want it cheaper. The Provincial Police, the Ontario Provincial Police – OPP have the same problem they need to do the work and get the job done.

In our area, like other areas, the Federal Government has placed added responsibilities on the Police Force. For example there is a sex registry that has to be maintained where men with ‘sex related offenses’ are listed and monitored all the time.  That never existed years ago… but with new laws it has to be maintained and the Police do that.

And Policing in our community must be set up such a way that it can continue to develop to catch up to what the criminal or crime is doing.

To remain the same and steady the Police work at a balanced City Budget approach would be like having the TV Cowboy Western  Movie set become the standard for working as a Policeman (become the Town Sheriff) while the criminal continues to work with Cell Phones and the newest weaponry that is available in 2012!

It won’t work to keep cutting back and resisting the budget increases. Some of our Cut Back Councillors and Provincial Leaders need to ride along.

Oh I know that I have expounded on that one before… sorry to punish my readers again with that same old, same old.

There is a very simple law involved here…. You cannot expect more by paying less.  You can expect less when you pay less… and you get what you pay for!  And one more… paying for something in 2012 requires more than 1812’s rate.

Way to go Swan River City Councillors – you are thinking and that is so good!  Some of the others are not.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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