Friday, November 23, 2012

Proud Grandparents of Super-duper Grand Kids

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Proud Grandparents of Super-duper Grand Kids
Well my wife and I turned another corner the other evening. We graduated from the cold stands of watching football in the fall. Our granddaughter Emma has just completed 5 years of playing football (the CFL or NFL kind)!

We were attending the Kinsmen Minor Football League Awards night.  Our Emma’s Team, the Steelers, had done fairly well this past year for which we were very proud.  Their team didn’t get to the finals but did do very well.

The Awards Night is a special one that highlights the kid’s activities throughout the year.

One award after another was passed out. Our granddaughter had her name chosen in a number of categories. She was a nominee over and over again… but she never won.  After the last one was passed out her brother Clifford, who was sitting with us, stated flatly, “Well that does it for Emma…” with a kind of regret in his voice. He and we thought she should have won something because she had played so hard and did her best.

In this past year Emma had served as her Team Captain which alone was amazing!  And Grandpa was proud of that accomplishment alone!!!!

Towards the end of the evening each team was brought on to the stage for the kids to receive their individual participation medals.  And at that time the most valuable player was called out and giving the award that they deserved.

One of the boys of Emma’s team was called… not Emma. I wanted to stand up and shout it out “What about my Emma!!!?” But I knew that Emma would give Grandpa a “Sit down and behave yourself Grandpa” – look… so I stayed still.

Then the coach announced a very special award for this year… for a very special person that had done something that no one else had done… and that was the fact that this person had produced over 100 hundred points for their team this year… IMAGINE over 100 points for their team…!!! “And that person is Emma Lindsay, the kicker for the football team has kicked the ball over the cross bars for 100 extra points!!!!”

Inside Grandpa’s head stuff went nuts that made me yell real loud and get into it big time.

Way to go Emma Lindsay.  This Grandpa Lincoln and the other Grandpa Lindsay are a way over the top proud of you.  You go Girl!!!!

Now for the rest of you, Emma is considering the possibility of moving up and on to the next level of play with the newly formed Wolverines Football Club that competes in a much larger arena of play…!!!

Could Emma be the First CFL Woman Player in that league? This year and weekend the CFL is celebrating the 100th Year Grey Cup game.

Who knows in the next century – a girl might just become the first ever Female KICKER for CFL… and why shouldn’t it be OUR EMMA!??  Watch out boys… she is good – real good!

I have to say something to her brother Clifford now… “Nope that is not it for our Emma... hang on boy – you aint seen nutin’ yet!”

Way to go Emma!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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 Wonky photo - but the whole team was shown here

 With one of her coaches..

The team trophy winners...

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