Sunday, November 25, 2012

I can now say quite honestly, “Great… compared to the rest of the world!”

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I can now say quite honestly, “Great… compared to the rest of the world!”
 Isn't there something about the world going to end in December… or something coming up…?” my Grandson Thomas asked while we were riding in the car together.

“That’s what the media tells us.  The Mayan’s apparently have been credited with the fact that on December 21, 2012 the world as we know it will become extinct. We will all be gonzo!” was my reply.

Thomas was quiet for a few moments… then his brother Jonathan said, “It’s all a bunch of Hoopla.” Being older he has heard that there are different opinions to what has been stated by the readers of the Mayan Calendar. 

Not everyone believes that it is all over on December 21, 2012 – except maybe some folk working in the returns department of a larger store – but their belief is likely going to happen after Christmas when people take back what they didn’t want as a Christmas present.

But for a young fellow that is 14 going on 15 he may well be concerned about it and to dismiss it as simple ‘Hoopla’ is not fair.

I remember when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. I was in my teen years and I remember well hearing lots about what was taking place. The Russians had shipped a supply of Nuclear Missiles to Cuba for Castro to possible use against the aggressors – the USA.  From Cuba many if not all the USA was a possible target.

I remember during that same time watching the actions of the US Military being mobilized just south of the Saskatchewan Border in North Dakota and Montana.  Huge Missile silos were constructed and in each one were huge, destructive weapons that had a nuclear war heads fastened to them… to send to Russia with love.  That was a three hour drive south of where we lived.

As a teenager we knew all about the enemy that could wipe us all out.  That wipe out may not be from the bombs hitting us but rather the fallout of radioactive particles which would finish us all in the days to come. Whatever we would or could eat after this horrendous series of potential bombs flying overhead we would only last a few months before the radiation would start the terrible sicknesses that would take us.

Thomas’ question was a good one. Jonathan’s answer with ‘Hoopla’ was a sensible one as well.

But then… with all the whackos living in our world… and ready to blow the USA to bits in a heartbeat… maybe the Mayans were on to something after all.

It is a ‘good story’ by the different reporters and writers around the world. It sells books and makes unknowns celebrities overnight.

The other day…
While enjoying a coffee the other day at McDonalds another whack job stopped by our table to talk. The whack job is tall with a big belly and he is dirty, unkempt and a time waster.  My silly wife goofed and said hello to the dude. 

The dude used to attend the church we served and was there at that church looking for a potential wife.  No kidding – he stopped by often under the guise of needing spiritual help/counseling from me.  And every time he would come back to me to ask if there were any new women in the church that he might meet. At this point all the single ladies in my ‘friendship life’ need to breath a big ‘Thank you’ – I told him ‘No’.

Why mention him along with my grandson’s question…?

Well the big ugly dude is absolutely convinced that there are aliens all around us.  He explained all this as big dirty belly was hanging over my hamburger. I lost my appetite as he told us of his holidays alone to New Mexico and Texas. He was looking for more evidence and the opportunity to speak with experts in the areas of the US that had ‘really experienced’ the aliens… you know the place where they found the alien’s body(ies) – and the USA had kept it a huge secret!

After we finished eating what we could… the big dirty dude looked at me and asked how I was doing and what I thought. (My dear wife had kept asking him questions – which he answered and stayed at our table – yuk!). 

I looked at him and didn’t use the word ‘Hoppla’.  I simply looked him right in the eye and said, “Most people that talk like you do and that I am contact with are in the Psychiatric Ward at the Hospital. Please be careful who you tell about your sightings at Lakefield and Apsley.”  Then we left.

Thomas will meet more of these ‘freaks’ than I will.  I think Thomas could make an excellent nurse someday and he has shown some interest.  I hope he has his own act together before the Mayan Reports, the Russian threat, the Iranian Threat – or whatever is going down at that time… is coming his way.

Personally I need the Mayan Calendar and the reports of the end of the world, as well as the aliens, as well as the hatred in almost all parts of our world… in order to answer someone that asks me, “Hi Murray, how are you doing?”

I can now say quite honestly, “Great… compared to the rest of the world!”

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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