Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alone with Jesus in Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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Alone with Jesus in Sacred Heart Catholic Church
I am attending a Catholic Church almost every day this week.  The peace and quiet that I find there is amazing to say the least.

It has been a while since I spent a whole day in church – let alone a number of days in a row…in church. But this week it is happening in a big way. Kind of a revival of sorts…

And the best part is that I am all alone with Jesus.  Go figure that is where Jesus is… in church and alone with me.

Now before my Pentecostal Friends go ape with my news of my attending a Catholic Church now… and that I have been experiencing a ‘revival’ in a Catholic Church… I should explain the great joy that I am encountering through this week.

I am an artist and a craftsman. I do many things and have abilities that are unique.  It is because of these abilities and a willingness on my part to do a special task… plus the amazing trust the Pastor and Congregation of the Sacred Heart Church on Romaine and Aylmer streets – have placed in me.  I am taking some time to be alone with Jesus.

This Jesus is very old.  He was placed in this church around 1900 or so from what I gathered… at least that is when the Sacred Heart Church was built.  And with the age he has gone through some changes for sure.

At first he was bright and brilliant with all his colours showing well. But with time the colours chipped and faded and the grime on his clothing had changed the look and the way that he looked.

Alright, alright… you have guessed that this is a statue of Jesus… not Jesus himself.  And this statue is in need of some help.

A few years ago when the church was renovated they redid everything – including Jesus. Jesus is now white – completely white. He used to have beautiful colours of all sorts… but now he is white. After the renovations were complete a decision to paint Jesus all white was made by someone – and the congregation was aghast.

Well this week Jesus is changing colours again. I am painting Jesus back to his original colours.

It has been an exciting journey to say the least. Planning, talking, listening and then alone with Jesus this week.

I am saving the photos that I have been taking along the journey… to present the final set of photos when it is all done.

Gotta run… now… Jesus is waiting on me.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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