Thursday, November 29, 2012

Arthur Wilkins and Ziz Ziglar passed away yesterday

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Arthur Wilkins and Ziz Ziglar passed away yesterday
Two giants in my life passed away at nearly the same time on the same day. Both giants had a deep effect on my own life.

One of the men lived in Peterborough, Ontario and the other in Dallas Texas. Both were teachers of kind of renowned fame.

The one in Peterborough was a gentle man, his name was Art Wilkins.  He had been a Pastor in his early career and then later better known for his many years of teaching in a Theological College where he influenced many, many young ministers.

The one that lived in Dallas Texas was a dynamic man that the world followed. His words and thoughts were perhaps the most positive – ever. He was a salesman starting off, was promoted to management and eventually to a special role in motivational training. From there on his books and seminars – or places that he spoke became nothing short of amazing.

His name was Hilary Hinton Ziglar – but is better known as Zik Ziglar.

Arthur Passed away at 90 and Zik went at 86.

I complete this salute today by posting all the Facebook slides that Zik Ziglar offered my world. I have enjoyed these over the past few years and I offer them here as a tribute to both men.

Thank you Arthur Wilkins for what you did for me… and also Zik Ziglar for your impact on me when I needed it most.  Both of you were strong Christian men and examples of how I should live!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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