Monday, August 19, 2013

We had a Home Invasion last evening!

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We had a Home Invasion last evening!

He was small and mighty. His eyes were focused and his intent was clear. But he couldn’t last forever no matter how cunning he was with all his ways.

Recently one of his relatives in our neighbourhood brought down and 290 giant. It happened in the stairwell of the giant’s home when he was attempting to flee the home invader. The giant rolled down the stairs and hit the bottom to landing area with a thud.   They called the ambulance for the 290 pounder… and the home invader was set free.

Can you imagine the police did nothing about this home invasion? When 911 was called the lady on the phone asked what the emergency was… and when the home invader was explained and that the 290 pounder was down because of the invasion… there was a definite smirk that could be heard on the face of the 911 operator.

But last evening our home didn't have so much as a tea over turned as the home invader took control of his invasion.

I was notified by my wife when I heard her shriek from the kitchen.  She was very upset as I ran toward the kitchen door.

Okay – you now have the setting for the full story.

I had a little earlier come back into the house from my workshop and TV program that I was watching.  I had taken with me a bowl of cereal for my evening snack. While doing this with great care and not wanting to spill milk all over the floor a Big Bat had entered with swoop.  I had closed the door before the Big Bat had realised that he was trapped in the house.

My wife was sitting at the table in the kitchen minding her own business when the critter did some fancy flying at her head… and it was about then that she let out her shriek.

The next few minutes were nothing but fun as we watched the Bat swoop back and forth from room to room looking for a place to get out or find shelter.

He first found refuge in our book case on a large book. Laying there very still among the travel books no one will see him – he thought.

Swish he was gone again into full flight… but now slower as he was tiring out from this 20 minute flight program in our house.  He next landed under the living room chair definitely tired and not able to go far… and likely confused.

I had opened both the front and back doors to see if he could get the idea – out is better than down and out.

In the kitchen where he first entered is where he left on his own.

The fishing net this time didn’t work – he grabbed a hold in the netting and crawled through. Must have learned that trick from the last time!

My wife can really move!  She was at the door with one heart beat and slammed it shut.  She then ran to the front door so another one wouldn’t get in either.

Whew!  What fun.

And we didn’t call 911.

Update – the 290 pounder friend of mine is okay.  The ambulance guy got him up and nothing was broken but he was sore. As to the Big Bat in their house… well the ambulance attendant used to work in pest control and he got the bat out by opening the doors too. Too funny.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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