Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Lee Daniels' - The Butler” – an amazing movie – don’t miss it!

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“Lee Daniels' - The Butler” – an amazing movie – don’t miss it!

Yikes – 5 days without posting can make your friends wonder if you have eaten a Cronut Burger or two – then died.

Apologies to all of the faithful followers of this Blog… Nope not sick and have not eaten the Cronut Burger.  Just too cotton picking busy!

Today I want to make a recommendation for a great movie. This movie likely will be showing up for some really big awards in the next twelve months or so. Very few movies will have the impact that this one will have on this generation and the generations to come.

In some ways it may even become required viewing for every child in school to avoid the horrors of the past.

I lived through the era of “The Butler” – that’s the movie I want you to see. I lived through a time that very few of us northern, white folk had a sweet clue what was happening down south… or around the world.

We knew nothing of the hatred by white folks for the “coloreds”.  Until it appeared on our black and white TVs of the time we were ignorant.

“The Butler” is one of the best stories ever – and it is based on a true story which makes it even better.

How good is it?  Well the theater we were in was packed as it is almost every night so far.  And when the show was over people were applauding in the dark. A number of people sat stunned and some were wiping their eyes as they dealt with the amount of information that they had been given.

I don’t want to give away what the movie is all about – if you have not seen it.  You simply need to see this one – IT IS AMAZING!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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