Friday, August 23, 2013

Cronut Burger Blues – oh boy!

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Cronut Burger Blues – oh boy!

Over the years I stopped counting the number of times that we have been at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) in Toronto.  And each time we have gone it has been primarily for the Food Experience. The “Food Building” is the best place on Earth – during the month of August!  Without a doubt that has been true.

My mouth waters each time we remember the delicious Roti made with Curried Goat – wow!

But this year was different; we didn’t get a chance to go.  Too busy and too many responsibilities with my aging mother.

This year there was hype over a new sensation called the Cronut Burger sold by “Epic Burgers and Waffles”.

However with over 150 reported cases of food poisoning by folk that ate this big, sloppy delight… this food place was shut down.  Something in that day’s burger was tainted with a nasty little bug that caused a severe stomach reaction and these people got really, really sick!

Of course in Toronto that made big news.

In Hong Kong we called “Hong Kong Dog”. In Thailand it was called, “Bangkok Belly”.  And the results in either case was not something you wanted ever… but it is also not something that the health authorities were called about.  Nothing was ever shut down… people just avoided the shop that made them sick.

As I mulled over this I couldn’t help but think that we really shouldn’t be eating certain things. Not good for me at all…!

But then I am susceptible to all the hype… the smell and the feeling that I just have to have one!

Oh the power of food over my poor old body!

But as I stare at the photo of the Cronut Burger – I do not want one.  My mind has recorded enough negative stuff… that I will not bite one…EVER.  How about you?

I seriously question how the Epic Folk will ever recover from this. It is reported that the Food Stall will open in the next day or so.  If that happens the News and Media folk will be there to watch the dude that takes the first big bite… I am sure. Can’t wait to see what will happen!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear you survived.

I survived the cronut burger so I got this t-shirt