Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Great Football Season for the Peterborough Wolverines Senior Varsity Team – Thanks Guys!

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A Great Football Season for the Peterborough Wolverines Senior Varsity Team – Thanks Guys!

Well our Football Season is over for the “Wolverines SV” of Peterborough.  Our Grandson Clifford has played on this team for its first full season.  He loves football and is ready to play in a heartbeat.

This 2013 Wolverines Senior Varsity (SV) team was its first time to play together.  The Wolverines Football Organization is supported and helped by the Peterborough Kinsmen Club.  With the leadership working hard over the last few years they had developed the Bantam Team and the Junior Varsity.  Each year as players grew older they moved up with their team mates.  In 2013 a number were moving up from the Wolverines JV to what might be.

In an email that Coach Ted Brown circulated this morning he described the progression of the players and the thought of one year ago… there were not enough players to move up to form a team. They didn’t think one year ago that it could be done… but here they are one year later and a good team, a stronger team, a football team was made ready.

There were some hiccups along the way… as the team started to form and come together.  It took some good, hard work to get these talented teens to form a real team.  Halfway through the season we could see it happening… and they did get better and better.

Last Saturday the Wolverines SV met the top team in the league, “Huronia Stallions”(Barrie).  And for a better part of that game the Wolverines SV had the other team scrambling and slightly confused – but in the end the best team was able to win.  BUT they had to really work at it. The Wolverines SV, the newest team in the league, had just about upset the applecart. Next… look out as the Huronia team will graduate many players and the Wolverines will still be together.

The Wolverines Bantam and JV teams are both at the very top and could win it all this year… and each of these players will move up to the next level.

NEXT YEAR – our team may well be a contender for the Finals – AND WIN!

Thank you Coach Ted Brown and all your coaching staff.  You guys did amazingly well and so did your players.  Thanks too – to our Wolverines players… and all the volunteers that supported and did their part this year. I am proud to volunteer with you folks!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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