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A Buffoon a day will keep you away

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A Buffoon a day will keep you away

I was standing at the magazine rack in Chapters.  Beside me was very tall man with a baseball cap on and a sweat shirt.  He had just placed the magazine he had been looking at back where he had picked it from.  Then I spoke.

“I am looking for the “Wood Carving Illustrated” magazine.  Same for you?”

He offered, “No I am just looking for magazines with patterns of “Wood Spirits” in them.”

It was then that I recognized the dude.  We had met about 15 years ago through my previous employment as a minister of a church.  He was a son-in-law of one of the congregants.

We greeted each other and both remembered when we last spoke to each other… I think it was a funeral.

I offered, “I started a full time wood carving course when I retired.  It has gone well.”

Then waiting for the next, normal exchange… I looked at him.

“I would never charge for my wood carving!” he exclaimed, “I give all my things I carve away, either to my family or to friends.” The gleam in his eyes told me of his great pride in doing what he could for those around him.

I gulped… and wondered what I should say next.  The guy was a buffoon and had just told me that I was wrong for charging anyone for my work. As a wood carver I should give it away… free of charge and to anyone that might ask me for it.

I dove in and told him, “You could help support your retirement if you set a good price…”

But he interrupted my polite encouragement by saying, “I would NEVER do THAT!”

Suddenly I felt dirty and stupid and wanting to run from that place.  ‘What an idiot you are Lincoln! How could you charge for something that should be given away?!’ ran through my confused little mind.

I was at fault – truly. I should never have greeted the dude. I knew what he was like and why he and I never saw eye to eye on much of anything.  Now I know why he was always aloof when speaking with anyone. He was better than they were and they were dumber than he was. Choke me up quickly – before I say more.

“Have good whatever!” I said as controlled as I could. I was going offer him any more time.  I knew whatever I said would be not good enough for this guy. Whatever topic I chose would be less than he would have done or is doing.

I told you he was a buffoon… a big buffoon.

I left the store shortly after that and vowed to not let myself slip again… introducing a potential discussion with any possible buffoon.

Definition of Buffoon…

   1.                  buf·foon  /bəˈfo͞on/

     A ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.
     clown - jester - zany - harlequin - fool - merry-andrew
     I rolled around last evening muttering to myself between dreams… I could have told him… nah!Not worth it…!

Note to self:  Check out the Magazine shelves and area for potential Buffoons… arghhh!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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