Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greig Bell and Tour du Canada – connecting with a great group last evening

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Greig Bell and Tour du Canada – connecting with a great group last evening

Greig Bell and about two dozen folk are riding their bicycles across Canada.  And they are doing this in a relatively short period of time. By August 31 they will be in St. John’s Newfoundland.  They started in Vancouver June 21st and arrived in Carrying Place (south of Trenton), Ontario last evening – August 6.  That is where Alida and I caught up with the group and had a great visit with Greig.

Greig is the dad of Zach Bell, our amazing “Olympian Nephew”… and an amazing Canadian Cycling Competitor. 

As Greig shared about his son last evening, Zach did his latest race in London, England and was then in Norway yesterday. Greig has a hard time keeping up with his son’s whereabouts in the world.

Long before Zach and his sister Jessie came into the world, Greig was into cycling. Greig and my sister cycled from Naicam, Saskatchewan to Vancouver, B.C. – across our large Canadian Prairie and then up and over our huge mountains in Alberta and B.C.

Now at 58 years old and being a retired High School teacher, Greig has time on his hands and is making it work for himself.

Greig is part of the team from “Tour du Canada” -

What an awesome idea to ride all the way across Canada. I love biking and when I was younger I loved riding a long way on my bike.  That continued until I was older… however the distances are less and less. Ahem. Just respecting the old body and what it says to me daily!!!

Last evening it was good sharing with Greig and catching up on all this time we haven’t seen each other.  It has been a lot of years.

BTW we did this catching up at a Tim Horton’s donut shop in Trenton – not at the Camp Site.

I wish Greig and his team the best as they continue on to Ottawa in two days time… wow!

Way to go “Tour du Canada 2013”

Take a look at these photos and the description...
Greig standing with us by his fancy hotel accommodations

Greig with his "trustee steed" - not even a flat tire yet!!!

Supper time for the team - each night a different group cooks their food and cleans up

A truck and driver travels ahead of the team each day - to the next camp site and takes care of carrying their extra luggage etc., plus buying groceries for the next evening's meal.
Notice the refrigerator for the cold stuff

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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