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Hidden in the Ganaraska Forest is the Laveanne Lavender Farm and Organic Nursery

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Hidden in the Ganaraska Forest is the Laveanne Lavender Farm and Organic Nursery

As I traveled down the back road, following my GPS readings, I was going further and further from any beaten path. The road alone was amazing, let alone what I found in the Ganaraska Forest.  It was mysterious and magical; it was beautiful and spell binding – it was the Laveanne Lavendar Farm and Organic Nursery(  It was amazing.

Everyone of my “39 the Second Time” folk/friends need to make the journey to this wonderful place!  Every one!! In fact my invitation is not just for the folk about my age but for every one.

Lavender for me has been limited to usually the front entrance to many Exhibitions across our country. I think particularly of the CNE in Toronto where you get a whiff of this potent and magical flower as you enter a large building dedicated to flowers and products from around the world.  Lavender can make me sneeze given large doses.

But the Laveanne Farm simply blew me away.  It is amazing what is happening at this special place in the Forest!  It is not what I expected – not at all!!

I joined Logan Brazeau, Gary Brazeau, and Sabena Brazeau along with a number other folk for a day of presentations at the Farm.  Sabena had contacted me to see if I might be interested in joining them for a day – to show my carvings and particularly my new Fairy Houses.

Logan Brazeau is Grow Tasty’s founder, in charge of operations, graphic designs, web-site and marketing.  Gary Brazeau is a business partner, grower and producer, in charge of building construction, technology and marketing.  Sabena Brazeau is grower and producer in charge of customer service, marketing and sales, purchasing, inventory, scheduling and training.

Logan, as 15 year old boy, launched this operation in 2004.  As time went on it has grown to a much bigger operation with his Dad, Gary, and Mom, Sabena, now fully involved. Reading the “History” of this Farm is very informative ( - About US – History Tab)

Now I am involved in the dream and vision of “Tasty Grow” and will contribute where I can.

Recently in discussion with another artist about all things “Fairy”, she had asked if there was another place in our area where Fairies could be shown… WOW!  What a timely question – I do believe that the Laveanne Farm may be another special site that is more than ready to include “all things Fairy”.  We will see what happens.

Yesterday at the Farm it was so quiet.  There was little breeze, bright sunshine, and the large open field with the small Lavender plants stretched out in creative rows. All the rows seemed to point to the large Labyrinth for the guests to walk through.  All part of the magic of this place.

It was still… even as more and more guests arrived.

I invite you the reader to join Gary and Sabena – along with others to visit over these next few weeks.  It is summer time when all the Farm is alive. This is not just a weekend tourist spot… it is a real farm that is open to all.

Laveanne Lavender Farm is located just west of  Bewdley on Gilmour Road.  The address is 8667 Gilmour Road, Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0, Canada, 905-797-1100 (My GPS found it easily!)

Here are some photos of yesterday to show the Magic of this farm… enjoy!

 Laveanne Lavender front fence
 On the road to the farm - through the Ganaraska Forest

 Vendors tents set up...

 Misty Hollow Wood Carvings - tent
  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings
 Jenny Duda's Tent - Cobourg artist

The "Still" used in the production of Lavender oils...

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings
  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings - Fairy products

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings - Fairy houses

  Misty Hollow Wood Carvings - Fairy houses

Jenny Duda's creations - painted straw hats -

Jenny Duda's creations - painted straw hats -

Jenny Duda's creations - painted straw hats -
~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection

Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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