Tuesday, August 20, 2013

God Change Stupidity Please

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God Change Stupidity Please

This Blog Post is strictly reactionary in every way. It is a reaction to the letter that Karla Begley and Brenda Millison have now in their possession.  It came by mail from a neighbor – supposedly that lives close to Ms. Millison.

Suggestions in the letter were to have Brenda’s son Maxwell be moved or euthanized. Maxwell has a form of autism.  His actions and acting out is not something the author of the letter likes or wants in her community.  The writer is suggesting that the 13 year old boy be done away with.

Yep. This is Canada and it is 2013.

In Hong Kong I witnessed people cover up or put out of site their deformed children. I saw evidence of children and then right up to their adult stage of life, locked in closets because of the family’s shame.

In my own family my Grandfather was not specially excited about his own son being out in public… or at times even taking him out.  It wasn’t necessarily embarrassment but the huge undertaking that it was to take my uncle anywhere. My uncle was a quadriplegic, that was not always clean nor was he quiet… but my Grandfather and all of us loved Uncle Bob.

Our family has had to deal with the uncomfortable situations that exist when a loved one is crippled in some way.

Having a neighbor react this way can only be a huge problem for how his family already feels for Maxwell and what they do regularly to look after him.

To whoever wrote the letter, please consider this.  Society, if it should adopt the suggestions that you have offered for Maxwell, might well want to rid itself of hateful neighbors too. You could well be on the list that you wish someone would react to and do it your way. What if they wanted to KILL YOU, dear concerned neighbor?

In Nazi Germany they carried out this kind of hateful suggestions by one very ignorant man – Hitler. The world hated him and you will soon find it also hates you – too.

Have a great week hiding dear neighbor.  They are going to find you and then you will be MOVING SOON!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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