Monday, August 5, 2013

God Bless the Martin and Simpson Family today – Betty is gone but not forgotten

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God Bless the Martin and Simpson Family today – Betty is gone but not forgotten

 A beautiful lady passed away yesterday. She had been struggling with the cancer that had manifest itself in her body a number of years ago.  Betty Martin Simpson went to be with the her Lord leaving her husband and family behind… but waiting for them on the other side.

My friend Sherwood will feel this it most I suspect. Betty was his only daughter. Betty was also the one that had helped him so much after his wife had passed away.

Yesterday with the older congregation in Port Hope I had spoken about Heaven. Two of their congregation had passed away in the previous week and it was heavy on each one’s heart.

Death is so real when it is someone that is a friend or a friend’s family member. It doesn’t seem to bother me much when it is on the news.  When it is somewhere else or in another country…

I will lose many friends over these next few years. It is part of what happens with aging.  If you survive you will witness the loss of your friends.  Then a time will come that you almost stop feeling the heart break for the loss of a friend… and that takes place when so many have gone it becomes like a line up waiting to get into a theater… when it is your turn to pass through the check in counter.

I will join you as pray for Sherwood Martin today.  As you think of Betty and her husband Paul… think of what you have.  We do not mourn for the past or for the present but rather for the future when we will not be seeing the loved one at all the things we will attend.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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