Sunday, August 18, 2013

Proving to myself and others – I am still an Olympian

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Proving to myself and others – I am still an Olympian

I have nephews and nieces, as well as grandkids that are doing very well in their athletic endeavors. They are fast, they are strong and they are smart in each of their sports. Completely committed to what they do – they all are excelling.  In fact one is an Olympian having competed in China and then in London.

Well this week, at 69 years old I proved that I can keep up to the best of these young ones in my family. I can very likely outrun an Olympian and mover much quicker than the best of them all!  This grandpa is no slouch and he can clear the highest objects nearby, sprint with unwavering ability when called upon by all his senses.  I am still good in every way physically adept!
So when you look at me you see a little over weight and slightly old person, grey hair and all. So you think I can’t do it… eh?

Well the other evening I proved it. No doubt there.

I had finished working in my garage and had loaded the vehicle for the next day’s activities.  It was about 11 PM and dark.  The automatic yard light came on for me as I approached the back of my vehicle ready to shut it all down.

BAM! Kerwhammy! Every danger sense in my body rocketed to the forefront… and I jumped straight up in the air, as I was going up I turned a graceful 180 degrees and landed with my feet churching the driveway.  With another great leap I was on my deck and into the house. My heart was racing and my chest heaving as I gasped for air.  Olympian – you bet!

What ever happened in that split second?

At the back of the vehicle as the light switched on was a Skunk waddling from beside my car and past my foot.  Like we are talking less than two feet away from me!  Good Lord I am breathing fast right now as I think of the Skunk being that close to me.  I can see his black and white fur shimmering below my feet as I jumped up and away… this image is firmly fixed in my mind’s eye… never to be forgotten again.

So you see young people… you never lose it. My last big race was when I was 19 years old… and now 50 years later… I can still do it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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