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Dealing with Mean Girls in Peterborough, Ontario – Yikes!

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Dealing with Mean Girls in Peterborough, Ontario – Yikes!

As a retired Grandpa I have been away from some of the nasty human interactions that take place on a daily basis. 

I used to work close to the “heart of nastiness” as a minister – where people often poured out sordid details of what people actually do to each other.  That happened specially with teenagers in the High School ministry that I was part of.  (I did not teach and was not involved in High School). As Youth Pastor in church the youth came to me and talked. They talked because I listened.  And in this role it was a vital link to these kids.  At home they had stopped talking to their parents – who were often too busy to stop and listen.

Well guess what I am back into this again.  Suddenly I am somewhat involved in teenager’s lives – all over again. I am seeing what teenagers can do to each other and what they can do to even adults!

This comes at a time in Canada when two young men were arrested by the police in the Maritimes. They were apparently involved in possibly making videos of a sexual attack on a young lady – then distributing the video.  The young lady that was molested suffered personally with the cyber-attacks and bullying that she felt by what happened. She took her own life – not able to cope any longer with what had happened by these guy’s actions.

Now the situation that I witnessed over these past few weeks is nothing like this at all… but it has some very sobering things happening.  An entire business is being affected by one teenagers actions.  Think of many customers being influenced by one a teenagers action and reactions… and see business loss.

“Tash” as I came to know her is part of a student placement program at the store that I do much work at. “Tash” and two other students were brought into the store this summer by an agreement by the store owner to help them get experience.

It has been a nightmare having “Tash” at the store.  And the nightmare is not over – but possibly growing worse. This girl could be the “Star” of the “Mean Girls” movie.

An example – one young lady at the store working as a volunteer, was asked to organize a storage room with some of the store’s products. She did an amazing job. “Tash” then went in after the girl went home and completely screwed up what the girl had done. Can you believe it?!  She took the room and the order the young Grade Nine student had accomplished and completely took it apart.

“Tash” is a Grade Twelve student.

After a number of things that “Tash” did she was removed from the program and the store.

BUT that wasn’t the end. She returned to “go out to lunch” with the young man that still is in the program and works at the store. After Lunch on Thursday he returned to speak to the staff member in a way that tore the poor lady apart. This staff person was the reason that “Tash” no longer works there… and now the target of “Tash’s” wrath.  After the young man, also a Grade Twelve student, unloaded his reaction to “Tash” and the luncheon they had – he walked out telling the staff member that he was not feeling well.

The work that was assigned and given to him to do – by me and the staff member is not done. Personally I was counting on and planning to have the work done by a given date. The work represents real potential money for the store… and it has been delayed – yet again.

Now for four weeks the program has been delayed – and in each situation “Tash” was involved directly or indirectly in the reason for the delay.

Reminding myself that this was to have been work experience where the young person will pick up valuable time and experience in a real life situation… why would they screw it up?

I will pause and tell you that “Tash” is brilliant. I have not found a young lady with as much ability and the “catch on right away” talent that she has.  She could turn the world upside down.

But she is a manipulator to the Max! She can weave an adult around her little finger with very little effort – then play the person in whatever way she would like to!!! NO kidding – I have seen it take place.

Now the summer program that these three students have been involved with has been deeply scarred – in my opinion.

Worse yet… what “Tash” has told the other adults in her life what has gone on at the store – who knows what has been said.  And many people will possibly believe this gal… and all the lies that she can tell.

Today I am back there to see what I can do to rescue the work that I had metered out.  I am not looking forward to the battle field. Not at all!!

Now do you understand just a little what the “Mean Girls” movie is about? 

Sheesh! I thought I was retired!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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